Israel’s Doing What?


Earlier this week, my husband mentioned that he had read that Israel was holding mock dogfights using both F16s and MIGs, which they got from who knows where. We discussed the implications of this off and on for the rest of the evening, wondering if this exercise heralded anything in particular, or was just a show of strength.

Robert Avrech at Seraphic Secret connects more dots. Lots more. Based on what the Israeli military has been doing recently, he wonders how much longer Iran will have a nuclear facility. Being a screenwriter, Mr. Avrech calls this “foreshadowing.” Not being a screenwriter, I call it “bad news for Iran”, but “forshadowing” works for me too.

1. The IAF borrowed Soviet MIG 29’s jets from a friendly Eastern European nation—I’m guessing Poland—and practicing dogfights and heavy formations with Israeli F16’s. Guess which country in the Middle East uses MIG 29’s?

2. Earlier this month, Israeli jets flew to Gibraltar and back refueling in mid air. The 2,361 miles distance from Israel mimics the distance required to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities from Israel.

3. IDF reservists were called up to practice manning the Arrow anti-missile batteries.

4. Over the past year the IAF has flown several combat missions into Sudan to destroy convoys carrying weapons from Iran to be smuggled into Gazastan. The IAF flew these missions without interference from a single Arab state. Again, the round trip distance is striking.

Heh. “Striking.”

Mr. Avrech goes on to point out that President Obama likely believes that his own personal charm, plus the diplomatic skills of his State Department, will be enough to prevent Iran from going nuclear, while the mullahs can barely conceal their amusement at such a conceit.

A nuclear Iran is a situation that the entire world should be taking far more seriously, especially with conditions in the Middle East as they are today. Make no mistake: if Iran attains its goal of becoming nuclear, it will use that power. And I believe Israel will only be the beginning. I agree with Mr. Avrech when he says:

I have this weird tendency to take it quite seriously when a holocaust denying Muslim Jew-hater threatens another Holocaust.

But that’s just me.

Sir, you are not alone in this tendency.

I sincerely hope that when Israel makes its move, President Obama will immediately throw the weight of the United States in the balance with Israel. A nuclear Iran threatens not just the Jewish state; it threatens the entire free world.



4 Responses to Israel’s Doing What?

  1. Alby says:

    “Awww, why do I always have to fly the MIG? I HATE losing..”

    -sulking IAF pilot

  2. mghirsch says:

    While interesting, I think the whole thing might be a diversion. Tactically, attacking Iran would be very difficult. I think that maybe there are commandos already in Iran ready to trigger sabatoge on command.

  3. Josie says:

    I hope that mghirsch’s idea is correct. That’s a much better way to deal with the situation!!

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