Update Concerning “Scare Force One” Over NYC


This just in from the Air Force via Bob Owens at Confederate Yankee… (Thanks, Bob!) The question is, “Exactly who was in those planes that buzzed NYC?” Here’s an official response…

Mr. Owens–

Documents related to your inquiry may be requested through
the Air Force Freedom of Information Act office: request options and
instructions are available at http://www.foia.af.mil/. However, the flight in question occurred as part of a scheduled training mission, so there were no passengers on board. Requested documents therefore will only list military personnel.

Lt Col Tadd Sholtis
Deputy Chief, Current Operations
Secretary of the Air Force Office of Public Affairs

That leaves me with a couple of questions about that statement… Was Lt. Col Tadd Sholtis talking about the chase planes, Scare Force One itself, or both? And who constitutes a “non passenger”?

You know, the more we look at this, the worse it gets… Either a bunch of political/military people were phenomenally stupid and gave the OK for the “training” flight that justifiably scared the snot out of a boatload of innocent people, or it was a special-interest joyride. (Or maybe it was a combination of the two.)

I’ll keep you posted concerning my own FOIA request.

Shaking my head…

Alan Speakman


One Response to Update Concerning “Scare Force One” Over NYC

  1. Gerry Ashley says:

    I can just hear Secretary of State Hillary asking for a private meeting with President Obama. I can imagine the dialog:

    Secretary of State (SOS):
    You asked to see me, Mr. President?

    Yes, I wanted to ask you if you had a chance to speak… with your husband about… you know…

    Yes sir, I did.

    And… what did he have… to say?

    He said to stick with your story and don’t change it even it the evidence comes out that you lied about it being just a photo op.

    But what if…uh… what if one of those photos should show… any of the… uh lobbyists waving out the window? Won’t they know I lied then?

    No, but thanks for reminding me. Bill wanted to be sure I told you this: If it comes out that this was really a joy ride flight for some of your best supporters, just look directly into the camera when they ask you if you lied about there being passengers and say, “Well, now… DEFINE Passengers.” Bill said you’ll be back in time to watch CSI/Miami.

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