Roxana Saberi To Be Freed?


Just in from the BBC, news that imprisoned American Roxana Saberi will be set free some time today–in fact, may already be free:

A court in Iran has cut US-Iranian reporter Roxana Saberi’s jail sentence to two years suspended, and will free her later on Monday, her lawyer says.

The court heard Ms Saberi’s appeal against her original eight-year prison sentence on Sunday, after an international outcry.

She will be able to leave the country but has been banned from working as a journalist in Iran for five years.

Ms Saberi was convicted of spying for the US in April but denies the charge.

Ironically, her initial “trial” lasted only an hour, while her “appeal” lasted nearly five hours, and she was allowed 30 minutes with her lawyer prior to the appeal.

I rejoice that Ms. Saberi will be released and will soon be with her parents.

But I can’t help but wonder how this positions America in the eyes of Iran and the entire Middle East. Was it Teheran’s dismay at Obama’s and Hillary’s “deep” and “grave” concern about the situation that let Ms. Saberi out of the notorious Evin Prison? Or did the Iranian government get something more valuable out of playing—and playing well—the quid pro quo game?  We may never know.

Welcome home, Roxana Saberi!

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One Response to Roxana Saberi To Be Freed?

  1. Gerry Ashley says:

    There may be several things bubbling in the background that has caused this decision.

    1.) Ahmadinejad has been criticized lately by everyone from Putin to clerics in his own country and even Aftab-e-Yazd the local daily periodical as well as the reformist economic daily Sarmaya. Seems he’s become the middle east equivalent of George Bush (in the eyes of the media and locals). This may be a way to appease those who think he’s risking a direct showdown with the west if they imprisoned Saberi.

    2.) It may have nothing to do with Ahmadinejad, but perhaps the courts and/or clerics simply taking a good hard look at the likely future of Iran and realizing building up some “good blood” right about now with the west has more to offer than continuing to spit in the faces of those with the power to spit back 1,000 times harder.

    Regardless, they took advantage of another opportunity to draw the world’s attention to themselves and seem to be satisfied that they made their point. For the record, we get the point, but it probably isn’t the one they thought they were making.

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