Masters of Their Craft


Relating to Gerry’s post below marking the passing of Dom DeLuise, I can’t think of much that was funnier that when Dom DeLuise got together with Burt Reynolds… unless you could throw Johnny Carson in the mix, too. These were the consumate professionals of their day, doing what they did best–making people laugh.

Now that’s entertainment!



2 Responses to Masters of Their Craft

  1. Gerry Ashley says:

    I’m so grateful to have been at least on the cusp of the era of really GREAT entertainers. They’re almost all gone now… One more bow for:
    Jack Benny
    Red Skelton
    Milton Berle
    Ernie Kovacs
    Ed Wynne
    Burt Lahr
    Dean Martin
    Groucho Marx
    Danny Kaye
    Danny Thomas
    George Burns & Gracie Allen
    Abbott & Costello
    Three Stooges
    Laurel & Hardy

    They could all make you laugh without having to insult or denigrate a third party who was made to be the butt of the joke. If there had to be a “fall guy,” it was the entertainer him/herself.

    When you think about who we have left in that same category, the list is oh SO short. And not very active. The only ones that come to mind is Bill Cosby and Bob Newhart. Both gems. Let’s appreciate them while we can…

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