Roxana Saberi Update


blue_ribbon_campaign_bannerFrom AP: Incarcerated in Evin Prison in Tehran after having been convicted of spying by a kangaroo court, American citizen Roxana Saberi was hospitalized for a short time last Friday after she expanded her hunger strike to exclude water as well as food. Ms. Saberi’s father had previously reported that although she was refusing food, she was drinking sweetened water.

After the Iranian government had denied that she was on a hunger strike, Saberi gave up water as well. In a weakened condition, she was taken to the prison’s clinic where she was given water and subsequently returned to her prison cell.

In a show of solidarity with Saberi and other journalists and bloggers being held at Evin, several journalists from Reporters Without Borders have begun their own hunger strike, while encouraging Saberi to end hers, out of concern for her health.

An Iranian government spokesman, Hasan Qashqavi, made it clear that the attention being shown to Ms. Saberi’s case was unwelcome:

”Iran’s judiciary is an independent body and any foreign attempt to intervene in it goes against international measures.

”This is not a complicated issue. This Iranian woman has been sentenced and should wait and see what verdict the appeals court will issue.”

Ms. Saberi holds dual US/Iranian citizenship, and has been incarcerated in Evin Prison since early February.



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