The Most Expensive 100 Days In American History


Actually, the title could just as honestly be: The Most Expensive 100 Days In World History.

Last night, I read that the area I live  is now into double-digit unemployment.  Foreclosures are still on the rise. Companies that have done business here for generations are simply closing down. The commercial real estate market is also in decline.

I shook my head in despair for those who find themselves out of work and out of options. I also gave thanks that I am still gainfully employed. But then I remembered: “It’s Wednesday night! I’ve got to put this out of my head and get home…  American Idle is on!”  No that’s not a spelling error. I’m talking about watching the new hit TV show starring President Barack Obama called “American Idle.”

You know, that show where  Obama feigns modesty as he praises himself for his accomplishments of his first 100 days in office. Then he puts on his “aw shucks” expression as he claims how it’s just a beginning and how he has miles to go before he sleeps…” That show. And it’s called “American Idle” because a good chunk of the audience is out of work.

Sure enough, I got home just in time to see him walk down the hallway and up to the microphone. Ahhh… it was showtime! It will take some time to go through his prepared speech lie-by-lie, misrepresentation by misrepresentation, but while I try to get a grasp on the enormity of the sleight-of-hand used in this speech, here’s a responsible response from Arizona Senator, Jon Kyl who sums things up just fine:

Well put, Senator Kyl. If you only had the charisma President Obama has.

Gerry Ashley


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