Obama’s Performance At Summit of the Americas Like An Impotent Groom On His Wedding Night


At the just-ended 34-nation “Summit of the Americas” in Trinidad, President Obama sat quietly and said nothing while  socialist Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega lashed out at the US  for a full 50 minutes. He said nothing while Ortega accused the US of a century of  terrorist-like U.S. aggression in Central America.

Instead of defending America’s honor, he sat like an impotent groom on his wedding night. When later asked what he thought about the speech numerous times, Obama repeatedly failed to address the dressing down. One can only imagine what Ronald Wilson Reagan might have done under similar circumstances.

Personally, I am seriously concerned about having as our leader a man so gutless, so lacking in pride of his country, that he would sit for nearly an hour and have NOTHING to say in response. Instead, he came home proclaiming he was “reaching out to our enemies” as if this were a new approach to diplomacy.

Ortega’s anti-USA rant included criticism of the U.S.-imposed isolation of Cuba’s Communist government.  Again, Obama said and did nothing to defend the honor of his country. That is quite a change, alright, but not what I’d hope for.

handshakeObama DID chum it up with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez who recently, called Obama “The Devil” and an “Ignoramus.” Finally Obama mustered the courage to take swift and decisive action: He reached out to his enemy and shook hands with him,  accepting a gift: a book about how Latin American countries have been exploited by “foreign powers.”

Well, at least he didn’t bow… but it sure seems like he bent over an awful lot.

Gerry Ashley


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