Fidel Castro Throws Obama Thrown Under The Bus


While attending the “Summit of the Americas” conference this past week, President Obama shared a Kodak moment with Raul Castro and came home proclaiming he and Castro had agreed, in principal, to work together to restore relations between the two countries.

This would be the one feather in his cap he could point to from an otherwise dismal conference where he sat silently while America was verbally torn to shreds by Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega.

Obama immediately announced the lifting of a number of travel restrictions between Cuba and the US, enabling Cuban-Americans to go back to visit relatives and bring financial assistance to family members. Much to look forward to and proof of his diplomatic skills, his supporters claimed.

Not so fast.

fidelcastro2It appears that Fidel Castro is still controlling the strings of the Raul Castro action figure. In a scathing rebuke of Obama, Fidel is claiming Obama misinterpreted Raul’s sentiments towards the US, then took aim at Obama’s suggestion that Cuba should free its political prisoners as the next step.  Castro left no room for doubt or speculation that while Obama may be ready to pursue a closer relationship with Cuba, that little island nation off the coast of Florida is content to continue thumbing its nose at us.

Just more proof that Obama’s statesman skills are about as polished as his bowling. But hey, I hear Obama got Chavez to autograph that nifty anti-America book that Chavez gave him…

Gerry Ashley


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