Whiny Race-Baiter Gets Well-Deserved Smackdown


This could be the Smackdown of the Month, which come to us courtesy of Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, AZ. And what a great way to start the week!

Doug Ross and Sweetness and Light both covered the initial brouhaha between Al Sharpton and Arpaio last week.  And Sherrif Joe proves that he can take care of himself by firing a sizzling shot across Sharpton’s bow. From the Maricopa County Sheriff’s website comes this lovely smackdown of “Rev.” Al , in the form of a letter from Arpaio, dated April 13.

 Dear Reverend Sharpton:

I have read about you with much interest since learning of the protest you plan to lead against me in Maricopa County in June as a way to force my resignation or removal from office.

Your public proclamation leads me to the conclusion: not only to you not understand Arizona; you also do not understand democracy. AS the elected Sheriff who, so far has been elected to five consecutive four-year terms, I answer to the four million residents of Maricopa County. I do not answer to the whims of the media, or locally and nationally elected officials who want open borders and who have thier own agendas. Nor do I answer to a publicity hound outside interloper who has demonstrated no interest in looking for the truth before making loud uninformed noises.

While your public outcries are colorful, there are several instances where you have inserted yourself into other people’s affairs without knowing any of the facts. Poor judgement has caused you plenty of trouble in the past and promises to do so again. Most earnest people want to learn by their mistakes. You seem to glory in repeating them.

I would like to help you avoid further embarrassment by assisting in your understanding of the illegal immigration problem here in my county. When and if you do make the trip here, I invite you to call me to talk about these false allegations.

We can discusss how my deputies are extensively trained by the federal govermnent to properly combat illegal immigration and how the laws of this state allow this Sherriff’s Office to question and investigate the immigration status of those people deputies detain in the course of our everytday law enforcement duties.

Don’t make the same mistake made by the four Democratic Congresssmen calling for a U.S. Deparment of Justice  investigation of this office. They and other politicians relied solely on media report and anti-law enforcement handouts that are replete with inaccurracies. They have brainwashed a handful of local residents to believe these lies. Rest assured that the men and women of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office do not racially profile anyone.

However, we do enforce the state and federal illegal immigration laws. And we will continue to do so as long as these laws are on the books. You can parachute into town, stomp your feet up and down and hold more press conferences against me — that isa hallmark of democracy too — but you will not stop me, nor slow me down for one second, from doing what is right.

Before you bring your circus to town and take to our streets by marching against this Sheriff, let’s get you fully informned for a change. Congressman John Conyers did not have the courtesy to respond to my invitation to visit with me personally. I hope you will consider my invitation. Surely, a man like yourself — a reverend — who famously preaches from the church pulpit understands the infinite wisdom of these words: You shall know the tur and the truth will set you free.. Let’s talk about the truth, Reverend. I waiit your response.


Joe Arpaio
Sheriff, Maricopa County

So what do you think:

  • Joe Arpaio for President
  • Joe Arpaio as Secretary of State
  • Joe Arpiao as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations

I say let’s clone him and get all three.



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