Obama… Gerrymanderer Extraordinaire

As you no doubt know, “gerrymandering” is redefining areas within a state or region to redistribute the voting impact for political purposes. But in a larger sense, it’s a rather tawdry method to circumvent “the system”.

It seems that President Obama and his crew might just be the master gerrymanderers. Consider the following:

  • Friday, Obama-appointed EPA head Lisa Jackson proposed a ruling that greenhouse gases represent a threat to public safety, and hence should be regulated by the EPA. Last I checked, the EPA could fine polluters of all sorts. Bottom line? Who needs the hassle of  Congress with” cap and trade”, when one can simply take a “shortcut”. White House “Energy Czar” Carol Browner probably put it best:

    “There are things that can be done that won’t quite work within the existing law…”

  • One of the very first things that the President did was to take control of the census. As goes the census findings, so goes the layout of the congressional districts – gerrymandering at its finest.
  • Another aspect of the census that is troubling has to do with the involvement of ACORN in the taking the census. Honest and objective? No. Circuitous? Yes.
  • Ever notice how many “Czars” this POTUS has appointed? Depending on who you count as a “czar” the number adds up to 18. I think that more czars than Russia had! But why so many czars in Obama’s administration?? Because senate confirmation hearing can be such a bore.

The bottom line is that President Obama is gerrymandering not just the EPA and the census, but so much of the system itself.

Alan Speakman

Hat tip to:
Gateway Pundit


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