Anderson Cooper, Others Reduce Coverage Of Tax Protest To Bathroom Humor


There was once a time in this country where our free news media took pride in presenting a fact-based approach to coverage. Those days are long gone, and if there had been any lingering doubt about how far the vast majority of the mainstream media in this country has fallen from both professionalism and credibility, that doubt was put to rest for those who watched coverage of the hundreds of tea parties around the country on April 15.

In particular, MSNBC and CNN topped (or, perhaps, bottomed) the list of disgusting, sexual references. Coverage on both cable new channels was comparable to a scene out of “Animal House” with all the innuendo, accusations of racism, sniggering references, and flat-out bathroom so-called humor. 


For thousands of Americans, Tax Day was a moment to protest what they see as bloated budgets and a pile of debt being passed on to their children. 

For CNN, MSNBC and other media outlets, it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to use the word “teabagging” in a sentence. So when the anti-tax “tea party” protests were held Wednesday across the country, cable anchors and guests — who for weeks had all but ignored the story — covered the protests by cracking a litany of barely concealed sexual references.

Teabagging, for those who don’t live in a frat house, refers to a sexual act… (Ed: A definition can be found here. ) 

Supposed professional journalists like Anderson Cooper of CNN repeatedly used this innuendo to refer to anyone involved in the demonstrations. Numerous variations of this sex act were made by other pseudo-journalists, once again confirming that much of America turns to amateur hacks for the bulk of their news:

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper interspersed “teabagging” references with analyst David Gergen’s more staid commentary on how Republicans are still “searching for their voice.” 

Cooper continued his use of pornographic innuendo throughout the segment. If you have the stomach for it, watch the video linked above.

And MS-NBC didn’t fare much better:

MSNBC’s David Shuster weaved a tapestry of “Animal House” humor Monday as he filled in for Countdown host Keith Olbermann… 

I suppose we should be greatful it wasn’t Olbermann himself. Make no mistake: these were rock-bottom single entendres being sent from a Beavis-and-Butthead brain right out to a potty mouth, and thence onto the public airwaves. It was shameful and embarrassing.

It didn’t end there, though:

Brent Bozell, president of the conservative Media Research Center, said “I’ve never seen anything like it.” “The oral sex jokes on (CNN) and particularly MSNBC on teabagging … they had them by the dozens. That’s how insulting they were toward people who believe they’re being taxed too highly.” 

The last laugh, however, may be on them. An estimated 750,000 people attended over 800 events around the country. As grassroots movements go, that’s an excellent showing for a first event.   

I urge all of you to write to the sponsors of these pubescent idiots and let them know you choose to watch some other source for your news and will no longer patronize any sponsor who chooses to fill the coffers of such short-sighted networks whose on-air  personalities choose to ridicule and belittle those who stood up for themselves.

Apparently, Cooper and the others have either forgotten or, worse, never learned a very important point about being a professional journalist: We are blessed, in this country, to have the right to a free press. But  that right, like all other rights enjoyed by Americans, comes with a corresponding responsibility. In this case, the responsibility is to report the news from a neutral perspective, leaving any personal bias (and yourself) completely out of the story.

America deserves better, and if the heads of any of these networks had the body parts their news anchors we so fixated on, they would fire or suspend them. Don’t hold your breath waiting, however.

Gerry Ashley


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