Crazy Cat Lady? I Think Not


Click on this link and watch the video. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Did you watch the whole thing? No? Go back and watch the whole thing. Do. It. Now.

Now go ahead and admit it. You watched her backstage and thought “Loser,” didn’t you? I did, too. I was mentally wincing as I watched the shots of her being interviewed and prepping for her performance, chattering happily and, so I thought, obliviously about her cat Pebbles, and her life in her village.

You watched the judges and the audience get ready to boo her off the stage. You could see them preparing. And then she sang. There’s really nothing more to say, except, “Shame on us.”

Shame on us for setting our expectations so low for a nicely frumpy middle-aged lady with a cat. Shame on us for barely giving her a chance. We’re so accustomed to seeing “talent” (such as it is) all packaged up, slick, shiny, beautiful, and ready bestow its rainbow of gifts upon us. Susan Boyle isn’t young, or slender, or glamorous, or any of the things that society has trained us to expect in people with talent.

But Susan Boyle has talent.

Again, we have forgotten the lesson of judging books by their covers. Wasn’t it just last year that we “discovered” Paul Potts? And yet, barely a year later, we’re at it again. Expectations run from low to non-existant, and suddenly amazing things happen.

The world demands so much of us all now, that we forget that talent can be found, art can be found, beauty can be found everywhere. We just have to look. And try not to be surprised.

“I dreamed a dream…” Susan Boyle’s dream is coming true. God bless her.

UPDATE: HotAir links to a video interview with Ms. Boyle.

H/T: The Anchoress


[Full disclosure: that song is so beautiful that a dog with laryngitis could bark it and it would still bring tears to my eyes.]


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