Stoutcat Reports: Boston Tea Party

10:45pm: last update for the day. I’ll put up more photos tomorrow in a new post.

Technology and history shake hands

Technology and history shake hands

On the Steps

On the Steps

Boston Tea Party crowd control

Boston Tea Party crowd control

Honestly, those were the only two cops I saw the entire time.

3:15pm: Just downloaded more photos. What a fantastic day. I wish I had been able to get down to the waterfront for more of the action, but the Day Job required my presence. Here are more photos.
At the foot of the State House

At the foot of the State House

Great-looking crowds!

Great-looking crowds!

There was even a make-your-own-sign table!

There was even a make-your-own-sign table!

It's All Barney's Fault
It’s All Barney’s Fault

1:45pm: What a fun day! I estimate the crowd at about 1,500 – 2,000. Took lots of pictures, which I will be posting later this afternoon and this evening. Some video too, but I’m not sure how it turned out.

Everyone was smiling and having a good time. Parents, kids, dogs. Lots of dogs. Flags. Signs.

I met Sissy Willis of Sisu blog — she was there with her husband Tuck and another friend. They had great signs, and I’m sure she’ll be posting photos as well.


Please be sure to check back later for lots more photos.

12:55pm: More pics…



12:45pm: Wife just called from the tea party in Boston Common… Sounds pretty loud…

12:30pm: Gorgeous day, big crowd, great signs!




11:15am: Sky is blue, light breeze, looks like a glorious day for a tea party. I’ll be heading over to the commons in about 20 minutes.

5:40am: Weather is cool and dawn is just breaking through cloudy skies, but no precipitation so far, thank goodness. Heading out for my commute to work. I’ll be leaving the Day Job at about 11am to head over to the Boston Common, just below the State House, which is where all the action is scheduled to be. I’ll be toting my Canon digital camera, a small video camera, and my Palm Treo. Among all that technology, I should be able to update on a fairly frequent basis… I hope!

It seems fitting that, 236 years after the first Tea Party, citizens should gather together in Boston to protest again. It is all the more fitting that Boston is not alone in her protest. Tea Parties are happening all over the country–460 and counting are scheduled for today.

Will the mainstream media cover this unprecedented mass uprising, or will they try to cover it with a “nothing to see here” attitude? Time will tell.

Also, will we see any representatives from Code Pink, ACORN, or other left-leaning activist groups today? We’ll know soon enough.

Updates will show up at the top of this post.


Note: Michelle Malkin, Instapundit, PJTV, and many others are covering the Tea Parties as well.


7 Responses to Stoutcat Reports: Boston Tea Party

  1. Josie says:

    You are quite right – it IS a great looking bunch of people – not a slob in sight!!

  2. Tim says:

    Thank you very much for posting these. As one who makes this country work, my career once again took the front seat more than usual today and prevented me from making it into Boston. Seeing these photos is appreciated and I can’t wait until the next one.

  3. Party Time, American Style…

    UPDATE: Check out the live tweets!
    UPDATE: The pictures and videos roll in!
    April 15th has traditionally been looked at with dread by many people. It is the day when the taxman cometh and taketh away all our hard earned wealth. Not to sound all EXTREMI…

  4. […] as the American Taxpayer. Tens of thousands of us took to the streets yesterday (Tax Day) in Tea Parties designed to send a clear message to our elected officials: ”We’re mad as hell and […]

  5. Sissy Willis says:

    Hi, dollface. Thanks for the nice link. Great pictures! It was fun meeting you on the Common. See you at the next gathering!

  6. […] accessible, which is why we are seeing the rise of things like talk radio, citizen journalism, and Tea Parties. And Peggy Noonan must live in a pretty rarified atmosphere, if she fears the hoi polloi of Power […]

  7. […] was wearing my Tea Party 2010 tee shirt and presented one to Sissy as well. Sissy, maybe we should make it a habit of doing this every […]

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