CIA Shuts Down Its Secret Prisons?


The BBC is reporting that under the direction of CIA Director Leon Panetta, the agency will no longer resort to “black sites

Ummm… There’s a slight problem here. According to Panetta yesterday (April 9, 2009)…

But the CIA retains the power to detain suspects “on a short-term transitory basis”.

What does “transitory” mean? Does that mean just temporary in time or also in place? Keep in mind that back in February, Panetta said that he would not conduct “extraordinary rendition“… I wonder if after a few debriefings President Obama and Director Panetta are re-thinking this whole issue. And I’m not the only one wondering

The BBC’s Kevin Connolly says Mr Panetta’s statement has an impressive ring, but the CIA’s secret prisons may never have been elaborate affairs in themselves and decommissioning may be straightforward.

The key issue for the Obama administration, our correspondent adds, will be its policy towards suspects who fall into its hands, not the buildings in which they are held.

Said it before and I’ll say it again… Barack Obama will get what he wants… It’s just that no one knows exactly what that is.

Alan Speakman


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