Obama: Politics, Agenda-Blind, or a Derned Fool?


From President Obama’s April 6 speech in Prague:

“I speak clearly and with conviction, America’s commitment to seek peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons”

And now, back to reality. The year is 2009: North Korea has just shown its flawed but growing missile technology. China challenges our economy, our military, and our satellites. That’s not to mention how China and Russia stonewalled us at the U.N. concerning yesterday’s No Ko rocket launch. And then there’s Iran, and the growing Russian military might.

All right, enough backdrop… Suffice it to say that a significant chunk of the world is either contemptuous of us, or just flat out hates us. (But, but, it’s Bush’s fault, right? Hmmm, not so’s you’d notice…) Also suffice it to say that individuals like Ahmadinejad don’t exactly have both oars in the water.

So one might think that given the hostile (and sometimes insane) geopolitical climate,  the talk of a “world without nuclear weapons” with America being the one to lead the effort would sound purely political, agenda-blind, or just  plain foolish.

But hey, put all of the nuke stuff off to the side. Forget about it. Pretend that we’re living in a world with no nukes. Period. Yay Obama-ites, no nukes anywhere! Iran has a safe nuclear energy program carefully monitored by the I.A.E.A. Ditto for North Korea. But there’s one small problem… Countries like Syria (and, of course, Iran, Russia, North Korea, etc.) are still capable of producing biological weapons like anthrax; and who knows where that poison will land? Perhaps it’ll end up in the hands of a barking moonbat country like Iran or North Korea who just happen to have ICBM technology.

Look, all you liberals… I understand your desire to live in a safer world free of nukes, etc. I live here too. But it ain’t going to work. Pandora’s box has been open for a long time, and the ongoing advent of technology has changed all that. Take away the nuclear threat and another deliverable threat (biological or chemical) will soon come along.

Me, I’d feel much better if we just skipped all the delusional rhetoric and had at least a bunch of boomers lurking out there.

Alan Speakman


2 Responses to Obama: Politics, Agenda-Blind, or a Derned Fool?

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  2. Who doesn’t want to see a world where there is no WOMD’s, nukes, etc,? Or war for that matter! But, there is a difference between reality and and delusion, likelihood and dreaming. Do we fight for peace? Yes. Do we strive to defeat the bad guys? yes. Should we put down our guard and start singing Kumbaya with Obama and the gang? NO! That’s crazy town!

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