Earthquake in Italy

This is preliminary, but the word needs to get out…

According to the BBC, a significant earthquake struck Central Italy… I’ve been looking but right now there isn’t a lot of info…

About the best we can offer is this…

  • The quake seems to be centered in an area of old architecture.
  • Today’s quake registered 6.3 on the Richter Scale making it roughly 10 times more powerful than the 2002 earthquake (magnitude 5.4) that hit Italy and killed scores including children.
  • The Jerusalem Post is reporting this as a “huge” earthquake.
  • The USGS has more details…

Let’s hope for the best… Thoughts and prayers,

Alan Speakman and the Grand Rants team

UPDATE: Fox News is reporting that there has been a 5.3 aftershock resulting in yet more aftershocks.


2 Responses to Earthquake in Italy

  1. Steve Spontak says:

    Thanks for your coverage.

    Thoughts and PRAYERS? From Alan? I thought Alan was an atheist.

    • Hi Steve,

      Thanks for your readership!

      Actually I’m a very skeptical agnostic… But in cases of suffering, I always fall on the “safe” side and offer prayer. Also, I know firsthand the comfort that another’s prayers bring. (When I was a struggling engineering student, I mentioned to a fellow student that I was having problems… His response was, “Yeah, I know… That’s why I’ve been praying for you.” 18 years after graduating, those words still bring me a strange peace.)

      Thanks again,


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