What Is He, A Stand-Up Comic?

According to the  Chicago Tribune, President Obama said today of Brazil’s President Silva: “This is my man, right here. I love this guy.”

“This is my man, right here. I love this guy.” I’m cringing inside.

Dignified? Nope.

Grave? Not a hope.

Decorous? Nada.

Formal? Give it up.

Diplomatic? Not even close.

Yes, it was a lunch for the G20 attendees. Yes, it was probably somewhat informal. However, it was out of place coming from the president. And the remark itself was bad enough. What’s worse, he followed it up with a veiled insult to Brazil’s president:

[Silva is] “the most popular politician on Earth” [because of ] “his good looks.”

Not because he’s a good leader; not because he is wise, or just, or intelligent, or any of the other things that should shape a head of state in today’s world. But because of his good looks. I guess Obama can only judge by what he knows…

At this point, I expect him to compliment France’s President Sarkozy by saying his wife is a total hottie. Really.

Face it, folks. We now have a classless, clueless, boorish, shallow, self-absorbed, arrogant entertainer-in-chief, rather than a president in office.

When that call comes at three a.m., will he answer the phone with, “Whazzz uuup?!”



One Response to What Is He, A Stand-Up Comic?

  1. Redwine says:

    During his blah-blah in Strasbourg, he called Sarkozy by his first name. Rude. Boorish. Sarko called Barry by his title, President/Mr. President. Heh! No wonder Carla backed off from his intended smackeroo and offered a disdainful handshake instead.

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