NASA Image of the Day and RSS

The last time we posted a NASA image (STS-119), we got quite a bit of traffic… Well, here’s another that isn’t quite so dramatic. (Though those who are following the “back to the moon” Orion Project will probably find this interesting. Besides, how in the name of Great Googly Moogly did we ever manage to put a human on the moon 40 years ago?)



Pretty cool, eh?

As a side note, I was talking with a couple of friends (more than a couple actually), and was tipped off to the fact that many folks are a little fuzzy regarding the concept of “RSS” “or “Really Short Syndication“. (Yeah yeah yeah… I know… That’s a bastardization of the real acronym. If you want more detailed info about RSS, you can check out a post I wrote here… And no, you won’t get spammed because I write that blog too.)

But to make a short story even shorter, RSS gives a Web explorer like you access to collections of articles from a fixed source.  Add more RSS feeds (like NASA, Grand Rants, etc.) and you’ve got more info at your fingertips. Anyway, check it out…

Alan Speakman


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