I Just Have One Question


How much do you miss “strategery” and “misunderestimated”?



3 Responses to I Just Have One Question

  1. Gerry Ashley says:

    It will be interesting to see if NBC edits out that comment. It wouldn’t surprise me if Rahm Emanuel tries to force the issue with NBC. One would hope NBC would have the good sense to air it “as is.” That way, it will be obvious that he just plain screwed up. He peed on the third rail and it was live.

    Attention Rush Limbaugh: You were hoping to see Obama fail? Hah… well, exactly two months into his first (and hopefully LAST) term, you’re looking like you might just get your way…

  2. Alexander says:

    Obama Nation heads quick to point out that president inherited bad humor from Bush!

    Yes indeed!


    Thank you!

  3. Alexander says:

    Yes, I think it was good strategery for Obama to go on Leno!

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