Russia Arming Itself… And Iran


Hard on the heels of Alan’s post about Russia re-arming itself comes confirmation of something long suspected: that Russia is also arming Iran with S-300 air defense missiles. Via USAToday:

Russian news agencies cited a top defense official Wednesday as confirming that a contract to sell powerful air-defense missiles to Iran was signed two years ago, but saying no such weapons have yet been delivered.

Russian officials have consistently denied claims the country already has provided some of the S-300 missiles to Iran. They have not said whether a contract existed…

I guess it depends on what “is” is.

A prominent Russian analyst, Ruslan Pukhov of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies, said the missile contract was seen by the Kremlin as primarily a political rather than commercial matter.

“The S-300 contract, and cooperation with Iran in general, is regarded by Moscow only as an instrument of political bargaining with the West and not as a way of realizing the fundamental defense and commercial interests of Russia,” he was quoted as saying by RIA-Novosti.

Medvedev (and by extension, Putin) are playing hardball in the major leagues here. I hope President Obama will be ready when he comes to bat.



2 Responses to Russia Arming Itself… And Iran

  1. Gerry Ashley says:

    Stoutcat, you close with, “I hope President Obama will be ready when he comes to bat.”

    My dear Stoutcat. If you check carefully, you will see that Obama didn’t even dress for the game. In fact, he’s offered to turn in all bats as a sign to the other team that he wishes no harm to come to their pitcher.

    Translation: Keep an eye on PrObama and make sure he doesn’t simply sign over our missle defense system to Iran, thinking he’s one-upping Medvedev. And yes, that hysterical laughter you hear in the background is Putin just wondering if Obama even knows the Russian word for CHECKMATE.

  2. […] And now, back to reality. The year is 2009: North Korea has just shown its flawed but growing missile technology. China challenges our economy, our military, and our satellites. That’s not to mention how China and Russia stonewalled us at the U.N. concerning yesterday’s No Ko rocket launch. And then there’s Iran, and the growing Russian military might. […]

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