Five Reasons President Obama Gives Me Cause for Concern


Back on January 13 of this year, I wrote that I was rooting for the POTUS to succeed. I still am… But the time has come to be more than just a little worried about PresBO… Here are five very sobering reasons why President Obama is starting to look genuinely worrisome…

  • Obama nixes lobbyists working for the White House: Except for these 12… (OK, I admit it… This has become so crazy I can’t even keep up… Someone please correct me here.)
  • Who gets to keep track of the census? Talk about Executive gerrymandering.
  • Government’s  meddling fingers in the health care system: This one just gives me the creeps… I just don’t want Pelosi et al involved in my health care decisions.
  • The union card check system: The day I can’t vote privately in America (even if I’m voting on my favorite Girl Scout cookie) is a frightening day.
  • Does anyone want a job in the Treasury? Why are Barack Obama’s nominees dropping like flies????

We here at Grand Rants try to keep things pretty light… But these are serious issues… No, I’m not saying that we all go screaming into the night, pitchforks in hand, but we do need to keep an eye on things, and let our voices be heard via conduits such as blogs, calls, letters, and emails to Congress and the White House, letters to editors of newspapers and magazines, and the like.

All this boils down to Barack’s inability to keep his oh-so-righteous word. And for me, that is very disconcerting.

Alan Speakman


3 Responses to Five Reasons President Obama Gives Me Cause for Concern

  1. cnredd says:

    I give it about 3-6 more months before we start seeing a calvalcade of articles about Obama with the headline “Buyer’s Remorse”…

    Political Wrinkles

  2. ChemLawn says:

    Add #6: Obama’s repeated calls for a “civilian national security force”!

  3. […] Five Reasons Obama Gives Me Cause for Concern […]

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