Update: Obama’s Poll Numbers On MSNBC Below Bush-League

Earlier today, Stoutcat mentioned a poll being done by MSNBC (aka the Obama Network) where they are actually daring to let the public grade Obama’s performance since taking office.

To put it mildly, it’s not looking good for “The Chosen One” (see below).

As of 11:30AM, a whopping 60% give him a failing grade of “F” and another 12% rate him a “D.”  This is in stark contrast to NBC “Deputy Political Director” Mark Murray’s article just 7 days ago which proudly proclaims, “Obama’s Rating At All-time High.” 

Uh, how’s that again, Mr. Deputy Political Director? Murray is either the King of Spin or the Emperor of Bullcrap. 

From MSNBC’s own web site:


(Source: MSNBC.COM)

This doesn’t leave much wiggle-room for those who care about the truth, unspun. The answer to the burning question, “Can Barack Obama lead a nation?” is currently, “No, He Can’t” 

For the record, I’ve never heard of a news network having a position with the actual title, Deputy Political Director. One wonders what that job description looks like. And, given the gross disparity of his claim of a week ago compared to the reality of the Public’s voting above, one would wonder what kind of credentials Murray brings to the table besides the ability to spin in circles?

As for Chris Matthews, one look at this poll and that “tingling” he felt running up his leg during the campaign is probably turning into a warm, wet, downward trickle.

If you haven’t participated in the poll yet, click here and please do so before MSNBC pulls it from sheer embarassment.

H/T Jawa Report

Gerry Ashley


3 Responses to Update: Obama’s Poll Numbers On MSNBC Below Bush-League

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  3. Gerry Ashley says:

    Keep in mind that “MSNBC” means

    Mostly Self-absorbed Nitwits, Broadcasting Crap

    Then it allllll starts to make sense.

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