An Apology to Gordon Brown


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[This is a copy of an email I sent last night to UK PM Gordon Brown]

To the Right Honorable Gordon Brown
Dear Mr. Brown,

As an average American, I just wanted to express my apology for the boorish behavior of my President regarding Mr. Brown’s recent visit to the United States. It goes without saying that his reception (wanting and abrupt) was a sorry thing indeed.

Please rest assured that more than just a few Americans grasp the pivotal, dignified, and guiding role that the British people and government have played in the maturation and survival of our American Republic and Western Civilization in general.

Most Americans wish the very best to The Rt Hon Gordon Brown MP, his family, and all our good friends across the pond.

In embarrassment, but with best wishes for a continued strong relationship between our countries,

Alan Speakman

If you would like to extend your apologies, use the online contact information or send a letter:

The Rt Hon Gordon Brown MP
10 Downing Street
London SW1A 2AA
United Kingdom


50 Responses to An Apology to Gordon Brown

  1. Python says:

    Actually Considering Browns Record in Office it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy .

    It’s the irony of the situation , where clearly one leftist statesman is snubbing the other .

    Obama is a stooge for not adhering to protocol , but obviously Brown is an even bigger stooge for not calling Barry on it .

    I would sooner write a letter to the British people explaining my apology than write a letter to Brown.

    Divisiveness and snubbing must be par for the course for the left but it has nothing to do with people in general caught on both sides of the issue.

    • Stoutcat says:

      Python, that’s a good point. However, that doesn’t justify the complete lack of protocol for a diplomatic visit by PM Brown. I’m guessing that the Obama team had plenty of opportunity to get with the White House protocol people (who have likely been there a loooong time and know exactly what to do) and simply blew them off. Deliberately? Out of ignorance? No way to tell, yet. But either Obama has learned his lesson about visits from foreign heads of state and we won’t see a repeat… or we’ll be seeing LOTS more of this behavior, and those who voted for him based on the mistaken notion that he’d fix our tarnished image abroad* are going to be sorely disappointed.

      *”mistaken notion that he’d fix our tarnished image abroad” = the mistaken notion that our image abroad is tarnished and therefore needs polishing.

  2. Gerry Ashley says:

    Interesting point, Python. Still, as in the military where one must respect the rank if not the individual holding it, so to, in affairs of the state, should we show respect for the position, if not the individual currently holding it (as CLEARLY Brown and the British Government did in paying their respects to the current President). Protocol remains protocol.

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  4. WALT says:

    At the very least he should have invited the PM and his wife to the Wednesday night $100 lb beef and hip hop bash.

  5. Thomas says:

    The apology should be directed at the English, not at Mr. Brown. Regardless, this just demonstrates that Obama couldn’t care less about foreign policy, which is why he’s stocked full of Clinton holdovers – to let them handle it. His true purpose, his true agenda is a radical domestic agenda. That’s all he cares about.

  6. MiniMe says:

    “That’s raaacist!”

    ^— Yeah, you’ll hear it soon. Just wait until someone reposts this link on one of “those” forums.

  7. sule says:

    We can only HOPE for better behavior from THE ONE WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR to demonstrate CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN regarding White House ettiquete…next time the DVDs will come with a gift receipt so they can be exchanged…

  8. Brent says:

    “The apology should be directed at the English, not Mr. Brown.”

    Hmmmm. Shouldn’t we be sending our apologies the UK media? Letters to the Editor? It seems to me it would be quite embarassing to the US Administration were thousands of American apology letters to pour into British news papers.

  9. Sandra says:

    Beautifully written. I’m so ashamed of our current government. It saddens me.

  10. It should be interesting to see how Brown and the other European leaders treat Obambi when he heads over in early April. They will surely be proper diplomatically, but, I bet they wait around to see how Obama will act.

    Also, consider that the talks are going to be in London. How will the British press react? What will Gordon Brown and his wife do? I bet there will not be any really nice gifts for the Obama’s.

  11. Gary says:

    Emails are fine, but they’ll just get deleted and most of England (and America for that matter) will not know anything about such an apology. What we need are a bunch of conservatives to put their money together and buy a FULL PAGE AD in the London Sunday Times apologizing for Dumbama.

  12. Brent says:

    Here are some email addresses if you want to send a letter to the editor.

    Place ‘letter to the editor’ in your subject line and include your city, state, and country.

  13. Rufus Levin says:

    Clearly, The One was saving the “good stuff” for ambassadors from France, Kenya, Syria, Cuba, Iran, Gaza and Hezbollah, and ACORN.

  14. David M says:

    If it’s inappropriate for President Clinton to have demonstrated against the United States while at Oxford (it was), and if it’s inappropriate for Jesse Jackson to go conduct private diplomacy in Syria (it was), then other private citizens ought not presume to apologize to foreign leaders for our own president’s slight.

    If you have a problem with President Obama’s behavior to the PM, address your complaints to the president directly.

    I didn’t vote for him, can’t imagine voting for him, but he’s our president. My criticism stops at the border.

    If, as is claimed and with which I can agree, that President Obama has embarrassed the US, why would anyone want to compound such an embarrassment with a puling letter to a British newspaper? Why not write your local newspaper instead?

  15. Vanilla EyeScream says:

    PM Brown is preparing his gift to Teh One as we speak. When Obambi and The First Clydesdale set foot (and hoof) on British soil, Brown will bestow upon them the perfect gift…a leather-bound first edition of “An Alternative History of the Colonial Uprising of 1776.”

  16. Martyatmgc says:

    At the end of the first address line, should that be MP for Member of Parliament, or should it be PM for Prime Minister?

  17. […] There is only so much we can do while we watch Hussein Obama continue to embarass us in front of world leaders, watch the economy crumble to shambles, or watch as “our dear leader” would rather speak to ‘moderate’ taliban members (and probably treat them a lot better than Gordon Brown). If you were ticked off and embarassed by the way the Obamas (including the sleveless wonder) treated Gordon Brown and his family, you can send them an apology e-mail, like Grand Rants did. […]

  18. […] as we send our letters of apology to Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Here is a sample letter from Grand Rants to get the ball rolling: To the Right Honorable Gordon Brown Dear Mr. […]

  19. ExDemocrat says:

    I am so ashamed of this person who got elected as our president. He is such an embarassment. England is a very valuable ally and should have been treated as such. Obama doesn’t represent everyone in our country (at least not me) and I hope the folks in Great Britain know that most Americans feel as I do.

  20. John Smith says:


    I agree that I am ashamed for America that this person was duly elected as our 44th President. Hoever, since he was duly elected, he does, in fact, represent everyone in our country when he travels abroad. That is what makes his actions so offensive.

    Your statement (doesn’t represent…at lest not me) is sort of like the leftists saying “He’s not MY President”. As much as they never wanted to admit it, George W. Bush WAS their President…a fact I never hesitated to call them on.

    Stay strong, and let’s work to make sure this is a “one-and-done” presidency.


  21. psypressuk says:

    As a British person I just read this thread with much interest; at the risk of sounding naive though… what exactly was the snub? The British Press seemed to have a very different take on affairs…

  22. David Shumaker says:

    I am so mortified at the thoughtlessness to the leader of our closest ally, both on a personal level (movies on 2nd rate DVDs, for someone who is seeing-impaired) and on the diplomatic level (answering highly symbolic gifts with what might well be a re-gift).

    I want to think it is only a rookie mistake, but I do not believe that; Obama and his ilk despise Western values and have nothing but contempt for American tradition (of which friendship with the U.K. is one).

    Sadly, I haven’t found a way to send any sort of apology to the Prime Minister… and for any Obama Kool-Aid drinkers reading this, if the Dixie Chicks can apologize for President Bush, I can apologize for Mullah B. Hussein Obama.

    I will give Obama every bit of support Bush got from the American Left.

    Britain… I am so sorry we have a classless fool in the Oval Office; I, for one, am a long-time Anglophile and I pray Anglo-American Friendship survives this current four-year mistake.

  23. Redog70 says:

    Gordon Brown is NOT the prime Minister of England. He is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
    The United Kingdom consists of Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland.

    I find this ignorance of Geography more offensive than anything Prime Minister of Washington Obama has done.

    United Kingdom or UK or Great Britain or even just Britain is fine but Please Please stop referring to the UK as England.

    P.s. I’m Scottish and British but NOT English! (if we are that valuable an ally then please get the name of the country right at least!!)

  24. Ilovemycountry says:

    What a bunch of assholes

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  26. neurotype says:

    Wow guys, way to constructively criticize. I’m pleased at the majority of these responses, but the President is still the majority-elected President and you could show respect in your disapproval, at least to set an example.

    I’m not surprised that Obama is calling exhaustion on this.

    Also, some of you should read this…

  27. The Dyce says:

    Hi. I think that it’s realy nice that you are thinking about the issue of our Prime Minister. Don’t worry too much about people getting upset about ‘England’ vs ‘United Kingdom’ (i.e. Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and England). It does rather get us annoyed but it shouldn’t be directed at you in the USA. I think we’re probably just as bad getting things wrong about you. Anyhow, nice to read what you say 😉

  28. Martyatmgc says:

    Redog, You’re “Scottish,” I thought the correct usage was Scots. Am I misinformed? Sorry, I haven’t kept up but I thought Scotland was going to vote on leaving the union?

    I’m Scots (Go charles Stuart!). As a military man myself, I pride myself in having the same blood coursing through my veins as “the ladies from hell.” I am also Irish American, My Catholic ancestors came to America, during the potato famine. They did not bring good thoughts of England or Protestants, when they arrived. The tales have been passed down through the generations. Half of America has Scots/Irish blood. I think most of us prefer to forget some of England’s worst excesses. Time passes and we are more focused on what England is doing today. When was the last time a king or prime minister of Ireland, Scotland or Wales ruled Great Britain?

    By the way most of us in America don’t know much about Wales. I’m sure it’s a lovely country. I’m just saying.

  29. Dave says:

    Obama is Black! Michelle is Black! Class, what class! Obama’s mother was just short of a hooker! His father left, that is what Black fathers do! He had no one to show him how to act.
    Look at almost every appointment he’s made, they are almost all crooks and commies. What did ya expect, remember who his associates were the last 20yrs.
    You all voted this guy in, NOT ME!

  30. What sad racist hate thinking. You should apologize for yourselves.

  31. cllavero says:

    City Talk said that morning that Gordon Brown has been considered the worst speaker in UK, is that true?

  32. Sandra says:

    The Obamanation isn’t even black, don’t know why that keeps coming up.

    And YAY Jindal!!! Love the man! Definitely looking forward to 2012… hope the country isn’t too destroyed by then, hope we can fix it.

  33. vest9982 says:


  34. Sandra says:

    Ahhh… another intelligent, educated, articulate Liberal. They must be SO PROUD of you!!

    No surprise the man got voted in.. with people like Ves in the booth.

  35. moonflower says:

    I’m English & I dont think you have anything to apolgise for. From this side of the pond, the PMs visit was seen more as a publicity tactic, that he wanted to be the first European Head of State to visit your new President. I’ve not heard anyone here complain about how he was or wasnt treated and to be honest, many people were actually amused by the lack of “special treatment” when there’s such a “special relationship” between our nations!

  36. Carl says:

    Also English, and I don’t think anyone over here feels too slighted.

    The difference between the presents exchanged (Brown’s gift to Obama was supremely well thought out and Obama gave Brown…er…some DVDs off Amazon) seems to me to be a bit too extreme not have been orchestrated. I suspect a tactical agreement not to look like best pals.

  37. marcus1234 says:

    Gordon Brown doesn’t need an apology. Gordon Brown has been blaming the US for putting the UK into bankruptcy for a year.

    Gordon Brown’s ego is too big to have even notice he was snubbed 🙂

  38. Alex M. says:

    I also wanted to send a letter of apology for our president’s behavior.

    Barrack Obama is more interested in building relationships with our enemies rather than being thankful for the Allies that have have proven themselves.

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  40. Carole Ann says:

    I was mortified when I first heard about the DVD’s and the toy helicopters on Drudge. Britain stood with us in Iraq and as the mother of a Marine who served with those British troops I certainly do want to apologize to the People of the UK. I guess it is the old addage, “you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.”

  41. […] Affairs Team” (part of the British Embassy… concerning my apology for President Obama’s boorish behavior towards the Right Honorable Gordon Brown and his […]

  42. Karin Andres says:

    Dear Prime Minister Brown:
    I am ashamed of the behavior of our President on your recent visit to the United States. I apologize on my behalf for the horrid treatment you received. Most Americans are also ashamed and afraid of our President.

  43. […] An Apology to Gordon Brown « Grand Rants […]

  44. […] to at least wonder if a letter such as his could be misconstrued? Absolutely. Has Obama alienated yet another long-time ally? Very […]

  45. Robert says:

    Such a nice letter, and it’s much appreciated.

    Please ignore the arcane gripes about geography, (the UK, England, Scotland etc), we get what you mean.

    I agree with the point about saluting the rank, not the man. I did think Obama and his administration’s behaviour towards Brown was odd and rather slighting, but I know enough about the US and Americans to know what a polite, generous and good bunch you are as a whole, and that way outbalances this blip. You’ll always have goodwill from this Brit, and most others – don’t listen too much to the vocal minority of anti-US Brit moaners, especially in our media, they’re not representative. I hope and trust our countries will be allies and friends for many centuries to come.

  46. Dawn-Alena says:

    You Americans slay me. Your previous President made such a mess for the entire world, not just your country, and now you are freaking out because Obama may have slighted Prime Minister Brown. Seems to me that you are making more of a deal about it than the citizens of the UK. If you think that Bush did a good job than you’re nuts and you should keep your opinion to yourself. I hoping that Obama helps the US to understand that they are not the only people in the world and that their actions affect he entire planet. It is really hard to give Americans the benefit of the doubt when there are people like the ones writing here that show their ignorance so clearly for the world to see. I would love for my country to get a leader that has taken the rose-colored glasses off and is determined to make the world a better place for all our children. You may not like what your President is doing, but believe me when I say, it needs to be done. The world’s opinion of the US is not and has not been a good one for some time now. Let this man do what he can to fix that. And the comment about Obama’s mother….shame on you. How would your family do under the scrutiny that Obama now lives with.

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