The Administration that Couldn’t Shoot Straight

Forget about the skyrocketing deficit and the hidden whopper tax that is the cap and trade. Unemployment, bailouts, tax-cheat nominees… Forget about all of that.

Just consider the astoundingly embarrassing goofs. The stuff that even you or I wouldn’t screw up…

  • Hillary’s reset button: Yeah sure… “Over charged”… “Reset”… Same thing.
  • Gifts to the Browns: cheap plastic helicopters and a DVD set vs. thoughtful and priceless antiques and designer girls’ dresses, described as “rudeness personified” and it is.
  • Cancellation of the formal press conference with the UK Prime Minister because of snow: as one of our oldest allies, England has come to expect that its visiting dignitaries will be treated with civility and respect. Clearly the Obamas didn’t read the memo
  • Joe Biden: (Take your pick.)
  • Teleprompter: we now have a president chronically incapable of speaking off the cuff. Everything is scripted. And teleprompted.
  • Secretary of State Clinton’s proclamation that American democracy is older than democracy in Europe
  • Clinton’s mis-pronunciation of the names of two of her EU counterparts
  • Timothy “TurboTax” Geithner: what can you say?
  • Bush is the cause of all things evil. (You might want to check the facts concerning who started this whole financial disaster in the first place.)

Let us hope and pray that these “mis-steps” are just the machinations of a new and busy administration, and not an indicator of its true governing ability.

Alan Speakman


2 Responses to The Administration that Couldn’t Shoot Straight

  1. Meremortal says:

    All true, but the campaign seems to be going OK.

    And soon, the stock market will have nowhere to go but up.

    You just have to learn how to look at these things in the new post-partisan light.

  2. I totally sympathize with Secretary Clinton; I made a similar mistake due to language and cultural barriers with a new neighbor last summer. . .

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