Slap on the Wrist Is a Slap in the Face


In an update to a previous post,  Muzzammil Hassan, the man accused of beheading his wife Aasiya Hassan, has been charged with second-degree murder. Second. Degree. Murder. Dinah Lord has a good write-up and includes information on what constitutes second-degree murder. She also wonders if there isn’t something else going on in the background here:

Do I smell someone here just throwing a bone to the Muslim community?  Is it just a case of legal dhimmis walking the politically correct line to stay on the good side of our future overlords?  Is that it?  Honestly, it really wouldn’t surprise me. 

And if she’s correct, it’s outrageous. Folks, this wasn’t a simple shooting, or a sudden violent impulse that resulted in a woman dead. This was the action of a man who intended to kill his wife in a particularly gruesome (and, for a self-professed pro-western Muslim) outrageously, blatantly barbaric fashion. This was the kind of murder which is intended to not only kill, but send a message.

Some suggest that the murderer simply wnt crazy:

Nadia Shahram, an attorney who appeared weekly on the Bridges TV show “All Legal,” told India-West it was too early to say whether Aasiya’s slaying was in fact an “honor killing.” “We don’t know enough about the case to come to that conclusion,” she said.

Shahram believes Muzzammil snapped after he learned Aasiya planned to divorce him.

“He was served with the divorce papers at work, which can be really shocking and devastating to the person being served,” said Shahram. “It’s very rare to see a Muslim woman file for divorce,” said the marriage mediation attorney, who also teaches family law and Islamic studies at the University of Buffalo. “The way Muslims look at divorce, it is not taken lightly.”

Nadia, did you ever wonder why it’s “very rare to see a Muslim woman file for a divorce”? Probably because things like this happen when they summon the courage to do so.

It wasn’t an accident. It wasn’t a sudden rage. It was carefully planned by a man who had two previous wives (from whom he had been “separated”), a history of spousal abuse, and a grudge in the form of divorce papers filed against him. How many TV studios just happen to have a few hunting knives laying around? How many men routinely carry around $4,900 in cash to hand of to their sons? How many are willing to use their own children as pawns to lure their mother to her death? 

A charge of second-degree murder is at best a gross miscarriage of justice, and at worst just another slap in the face of women suffering from domestic abuse, as well as to Muslim women trying to assimilate into western culture. Either way, it’s just another instance of condoning violence against these women, and it is disgraceful.



2 Responses to Slap on the Wrist Is a Slap in the Face

  1. Gerry Ashley says:

    Perhaps the greater evil (because it sends an ominous message to ALL) is by allowing him to avoid being charged with first-degree murder, the result is that Radical Islam has successfully fired the first volley in introducing Sharia Law into the American culture. And with this action taken by a

    What next? House arrest for cutting off your neighbor’s hands because you believe he stole your lawnmower?

    I’ve said for years that political correctness would be the downfall of our society. I just didn’t think I’d live long enough to see it first hand like this.

    When did our government leaders and judges become such cowards? When did our need to appease bullies, thugs and murdering bastards take hold? We’d better DEMAND answers from our leaders or there will SOON come a day when THAT will be seen as an arrestable offence, but wife-killing? Not so much. Obama has already taken us down the path to being the United Socialist States of America (USSA), The next stop might just be The United Islamic States of America “UISA” for short.

    Ironically, it will be the politically correct stooges that hace caused this fiasco who will stand there with that deer-in-the-headlight look about them and wonder “Hey, whut happened?”

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