Save The Posturing, Mr. President: “Transparent Procurement For Dummies” Is Available NOW!


In my previous rant, I mentioned that President Obama wants to close the barn door of government spending, now that all his donkeys and other assorted asses are safely out and all their pork is accounted for.

Yesterday, on National Review’s blog “The Corner,” Roger Clegg noted Obama’s plan to re-design the process for awarding government contracts. Clegg’s main concern seemed to be the awarding of contracts to minority and gender specific companies, thus circumventing the “lowest bidder” format. While I share Roger’s concerns, I also see the issue of the $2,400 hammer based on an award to a company whose interests are represented by lobbyists.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were an all-in-one solution? That’s what Obama claims as his goal. But, as is always the case with Obama, Style over Substanceis the issue. Case in point – Obama is once again posing and posturing as he seeks a solution that already exists; once again exposing his naivete. Consider (and if you really want to see your tax dollars spent wisely, I urge you to read the following carefully):

From the article in The Washington Post:  

‘President Obama ordered a government-wide review of federal contracting procedures yesterday,’ and continues with the administration’s desire, among other things, to save money and end fraud, waste, and abuse.”

Toward that end, PrObama has set a goal of having Director of the White House Office of Management and Budget Peter Orszag work with Cabinet and agency officials to redesign the process governing procurement to make it more difficult for contractors to bilk taxpayers and the playing ground more accessible to independent and mnority contractors.

Perhaps the biggest indication that this is another case of Obama’s “Style Over Substance” governing: William J. Lynn III, a former Raytheon lobbyistwho is now Obama’s Deputy Defense Secretary, will be responsible for overseeing procurement reform. Wait a minute… Wasn’t one of Obama’s campaign promises one in which he pledged that NO LOBBYISTS would be appointed to key political positions in an Obama administration? But I digress. 

The article went on to state:

Although he estimated that a more coherent system could save billions of dollars, several specialists in the field said that most of the financial benefits would not be realized for years and that other changes probably would cost money because they would involve adding employees to manage and monitor contracts.

Absolute Horse CRAP!  With all due respect Mr. President, why do you believe the only wheels that work are the ones invented by Team Obama?   In point of fact, the  job of setting up a tamper-proof procurement system that will guarantee significant savings  has already been done for you! It’s ready to go to work saving taxpayer’s money  TODAY!  It’s a virtually fool-proof system that:

  • Assures saving money by revealing the lowest bid once the bidding has closed.
  • Guarantees transparency and accountability through electronic monitoring throughout the process
  • Prevents contracts from being given to favored lobbyist-backed vendors
  • Evens the playing field for smaller and minority-owned businesses

This well-designed Internet-based On-Line Procurement System is made by a company named  Sicommnet. A quick check of the San Diego-based company’s web site shows that they offer a secure bidding system that is open to ALL qualified vendors from small  independent companies to large corporate icons like Halliburton. Minority-run companies also have an even playing field.

Each business that signs on to their system (for a reasonable fee) can be alerted to any or specific proposal requests or requests for bids in any one of hundreds of traditional categories and subcategories. At the end of bidding, the winning bid is made public (there’s your TRANSPARENCY, Mr. President) so the public can see the winning bid. This gives America’s taxpayers reassurance that the LOW bid is the winning bid and prevents NASA from spending $2,400 for a hammer as part of a pork-u-lous project given to some Senator’s high-school buddy. 

Full disclosure: I spent a year with Sicommnet doing technical writing back in 2000. I have personally seen the design work of the software developers as it has developed over the years. This is a sterling product, but I’m sure if the President’s team scans the Internet, they can find others to compare against. Maybe put THAT contract up for bids…

Gerry Ashley


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