2012… The Year America Blows Up

Straw upon straw, the camel’s back that is America continues to deflect. And 2012 looks to bear the final straw. How might this happen?

  • The interest alone on national deficit will no doubt grow by the predicted $2 trillion to $3 trillion per year. And in 2012 we’ll be $62 trillion in the hole. (If you want to be scared senseless, click here.) That will hit the magical 4:1 to 6:1 ratio between national debt and GDP. Granted I’m using European Iceland as a model, but that should at least be a ballpark indicator. And when we hit that ratio, look out.
  • By 2012, beyond a hint of a shadow of a doubt, Iran will have a nuke that can reach the continental U.S… By then, people will have had just about enough of Obama’s naivete in trying to stop Iran’s drive for a nuke by playing footsie with Russia.
  • By the time of the next presidential election, the citizenry will have fallen out of swoon with Obama… Grossly corrupt politcal cronies, wild spending, cuts in the military budget… All will take their toll.
  • China will stop lending us money… Not looking good.

Somewhere around 2012, this perfect storm will mature…

Alan Speakman


2 Responses to 2012… The Year America Blows Up

  1. keith says:

    barrack hussein obama= the 12th Imam

  2. josiahe says:

    I find it more than a coincidence that our posts were a minute apart!

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