What The Loss Of Paul Harvey Really Means


To most younger people, the passing of Paul Harvey may be little more than a curiosity.  How sad for them if that is, in fact, the case.  While his death has been coverd by much of the media, I think Time magazine says it best in their coverage:

“That clarion Midwestern voice was its own time machine; it carried listeners back to radio days of yore, when a distinctive vocal performance was as important as good looks are in TV news today. The opinions Harvey expressed were old-fashioned as well: politically and socially conservative, the musings of a grandpa who’s seen it all … It is hardly an exaggeration to say that, when Harvey died at 90, on Saturday, at his winter home in Phoenix, he took the whole history of radio with him.”

There isn’t much in talk radio that I really care for. Most talk show hosts slam you over the head with their views and resort to abject sarcasm to ridicule those with  opposing views. This holds true whether it’s Liberal or Conservative talk shows. Most news commentary has become little more than proof positive that the talking heads  waste their opportnity to simply repeat the mantra of their network (usually liberal).  

Paul Harvey was the one of the last true news commentators in the industry. With his absolute mastery of the English language, Harvey could say more in his own brief and eloquent  way than most broadcasters with carte blanche and an open microphone.  Like Walter Cronkite, just hearing the sound of  Harvey’s unique voice brought comfort. But he had the substance to back up that comfort.

Perhaps there’s no better illustration of what we’ve lost with Harvey”s passing compared to what drivel we’re left with than this video. In it, MSBNC’s Keith Olbermann shows his complete lack of dignity and class, demonstrating what I referred to above as abject sarcasm. That seems to be the extent of his act as he belittles Paul Harvey as “The Worst Person In The World.”

Hard to believe that MSNBC pays Uber-Bum at all when you see the extent of his drivel above. Compare that with just ONE such example of Paul Harvey’s “Rest-of-the Story segments, and you’ll have a better understanding as to just how much we lost this week-end… and just how little we’re left with.

Gerry Ashley


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