The Next Mushroom Cloud

Oh, it will happen… Don’t worry about that. We’re just a mistake or a fanatical act away from from the “Big Bang.”

Iran is just the latest in the “League of  the Ideologically, Sociologically, and Technologically Challenged Nations” to somehow get its claws on significant nuke material. Let’s see, aside from Iran and North Korea, Pakistan, and India have their own instability “issues”. Oh goody…

But just to backtrack a bit, let’s take a quick look at the countries that have nukes:

  • US
  • UK
  • Israel
  • France
  • China
  • Russia

Now consider the known military accidents per decade…


And then there’s this quaint quote from the magazine “Analytical Chemist” upon the recent discovery of discarded weapons-grade plutonium…

“The frequency of smuggling events involving radioactive materials is supply driven and is on the rise worldwide,” the researchers write in Analytical Chemistry.

They added: “It is likely that (given) the current nuclear renaissance and greater access to these materials by the public, smuggling events involving fissionable materials may rise in the near future.”

Nope… Something wicked this way comes. It may be by the hand of “We don’t have gays in Iran, but we will wipe away Israel” Ahmadinejad. It may be a simple mistake (God, look at the US/Soviet learning curve above). It may blossom out of some territorial dispute like Kashmir, but the “shroom” is coming.

Am I an alarmist? Ask yourself this question… “Do I really believe that this world has seen its last mushroom cloud?

Alan Speakman

P.S. Maybe we’ll get lucky and it will only be a dirty bomb. Like I said, oh goody…


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