America, Wake Up! Bozo Is In Washington

Wow… Just wow… What is wrong with us? We’ve got a bunch of out-of-touch, ignorant, elitist, hubristic clowns running our government and robbing us blind. Consider the following video where Biden asks for the phone number for the Recovery Web site:

And who can forget Biden’s “Wheelchair Moment”

My God… Obama didn’t even know enough to salute when boarding Marine One. And here’s a “Mike McGuire and Sammy Soosa” moment from baseball fan Teddy Kennedy.

And speaking of Al “Green” Gore, let’s not leave out his “Carbon Stomp Print“.

And Michelle Obama didn’t  feel proud of her country until her husband soared to the heights of dizzying power? What about the first responders on, 9/11 Michelle? Was there nothing there to inspire pride and admiration?

Wake up, America… These are the boobs who are running this country right into the ground.

WAIT! This just in… Fox’s Cavuto is reporting that Obama’s definition of “rich” just dropped from $250,000 to $209,000.


Alan Speakman


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