Alas, Poor Roland


At what point does it cease being at least amusing and become instead, pathetic? When do we start asking–no, demanding–accountability from our public officials? Whatever happened to the concept of “Caesar’s wife?”

Case in point: poor wretched Roland Burris. This man, with his grandiose monument to himself for the hereafter, the would-be Senator from Illinois, may now be in even deeper trouble; he was questioned by federal authorities for several hours on Saturday about his conversations with the brother of disgraced IL ex-governor Rod Blagojevich.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports:

The questioning, first reported online Saturday by the Sun-Times and NBC/5, went on for several hours. It likely dealt in part with conversations between Burris and Robert Blagojevich. At least one of those conversations was caught on tape.

So the questions are still out there, and they’re not just about Burris–he’s just a visible symbol of what’s wrong. Where has Rahm Emanuel been lately? Is anyone still incensed about the Geithner appointment? Which other shady, corrupt, tax-cheating cronies will Obama try to pack his cabinet with? And beneath all this exists the roiling and simmering resentment about the Stimulus bill that was literally forced down our throats.

Many Americans are finally getting tired of the rot that killing the best form of government the world has seen, the latest manifestations of which are the shady connections of “The Most Transparent Presidential Administration Ever” and the corruption of the “Most Ethical Congress Ever.”

Roland Burris is is not part of the problem — he’s a symptom of the disease.

H/T: HotAir



One Response to Alas, Poor Roland

  1. Gerry Ashley says:

    If Burris really had the interests of the people of Illinois at heart, he’d step down and let the citizens elect Obama’s replacement. He could declare his candidacy and run himself.

    As to Obama’s comment about really having the most transparent Presidency we’ve had in a long time. Well, yes, but it’s just taken me this long to see what that really means:

    We can see right through him.

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