Time to Sit Up and Take Notice

From our “Move Along, Nothing to See Here” Department:

Once again, the mainstream media is — and has been — falling down on the job. No surprise there, I guess. But what would happen if the FBI released a manifesto, published by a radical Jewish sect, or perhaps a fundamentalist Christian cult, outlining a plan to destroy our country from within? Think the media would cover it? Yeah, me too. I think we’d see it on the covers of Time and Newsweek, above-the-fold front page articles in the Times (both NY and LA), and I think we’d be hearing about it from all the talking heads on network TV as well as the cable channels.

But we haven’t heard about anything like that recently, have we? That’s because the manifesto released by the FBI wasn’t written by Jewish or Christian groups. It was authored by the American Muslim Brotherhood, and it describes their plan for jihad to destroy western civilization from within.

Fortunately, a courageous man has decided to get this story out to any in the public who wish to hear it. Dr. M. Zuhid Jasser has made a film, The Third Jihad, which is disturbing, not only for its content, but perhaps moreso for the lack of intellectual curiousity displayed by the mainstream media in following up on this story.

For more information, visit Dr. Jasser’s site, here. And start asking questions!

H/T: Gateway Pundit



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