Welcome To The USSA (Part 2)


A week ago, I posted the first in a series of rants about how the United States is about to turn into a Socialist country.  

With the stroke of a pen, and the passing of what I refer to as the “Crapulus” bill,  it has happened. On its cover this week,  Newsweek has proclaimed “We are all socialists now.”  It’s official: The inmates are running the asylum.

While the bulk of the blame lies squarely in the laps of Democrats, the Republican party has little to smirk about. Last fall, Former President Bush crumbled to the pressure from Congress that “Something mus be done immediately!” and thus was born the bank bailout that could not have gone worse:

  • No guidelines were imposed on the banks, directing them how the money must be used. As a result, some backs actually went around buying up other banks.
  •  No conditions were set on how to monitor the banks to make sure the monies were being spent properly.
  • Executives of failed banks were still being treated to tens of millions of dollars in bonuses.
  • Rather than a loan, this was a grant. An investment in the banks, thus, all banks who took the grant agreed to yielding part ownership to the government. Socialism, phase one.
  • And absolutely no oversight was required of then-Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson on how the money was (or was not) disbursed.

Now Obama wants to move forward in “reforming” health care. Translation: Trash one of the world’s premiere health systems that has worked jointly with pharmaceutical companies to develop treatment and, in many cases, cures for a vast number of illnesses. To replace it, he wants a system where anybody who needs health care gets it.  In a perfect world, Obama… in a perfect world.

Here’s an example of what we can look forward to under Socialism:

While teaching in Russia during the late ’70s (when the Soviet Union was a model of the failure of Socialism), I had dinner with the woman I would later make my wife. She had invited her girlfriend Iliana and Iliana’s husband Pavlic, an architect with 20 years’ experience.  During a conversation I had with Pavlic, he mentioned one of the reasons workmanship on Russian built products was often poor was due to the fact that so many Russians were placed into jobs they had no interest in. 

This was done to keep the unemployment rate down and the nation productive. The western world saw a system with incredibly small unemployment (making the case for socialism as a viable form of government). What Westerners didn’t see (unless they traveled to the Soviet Union) was the indifference in the average soviet worker.

What added to that indifference is something few in the Obama camp have mentioned yet, but is undoubtedly under wider consideration: Salary controls. Yes, we’ve heard members of his administration say cap an individual’s salary at $500,000 regardless of who he/she is.  However, since few of us will achieve that level, let me point out one other issue that should be of concern to ALL of us: standardized salaries.  Pavlik complained to me that as a highly-experienced architect, he earned a certain salary.  But sitting at the next desk is a young man who just recently graduated from architech school, and his starting salary is the same as Pavlic’s in spite of Pavlic’s greater experience.

Liberals will undoubtedly say, “And that’s how it SHOULD be. ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUALLY and therefore we should all be paid the same for the same work! It’s only fair!  It’s politically correct!”

It’s crap.

As Pavlik pointed out to me, “Where is the incentive for me to do a better job? If I believe I will receive more money for doing a better job, I would work very hard to make sure everything I design is perfect in every way. But when everyone makes the same money for a particular job, it steals you of your desire to make the extra effort for excellence.”

Hence the term “Good enough for government work.”

If Obama wants to put salary caps into effect, it’s only a matter of time before he’ll want to standardize salaries across the board.

Odd, isn’t it? For all his pseudo-intelligence, he’s rushing us forward to a system of government that proved a failure over 30 years ago.

Still want to get on board that “love train?”

More examples from Socialism in my next installment.

Gerry Ashley


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