The Growing Clamor


After several statement-amending affidavits, a few press conferences, and lots of bad press, the clamor for newly-appointed IL Senator Roland Burris to resign his seat is growing louder.

Dan Hynes, Illinois’ comptroller is the latest voice calling for Burris’s resignation. In a letter he sent to newspapers on Thursday Hynes wrote that “Burris has had an honorable career, but questions over his appointment would be a “distraction” to President Barack Obama’s administration and the country.”

Also yesterday a group of black ministers who until recently had supported Burris are now expected to ask for his resignation, the AP reports.

“…prompted by revelations Burris attempted to raise money for Blagojevich while seeking the Senate job vacated by President Barack Obama, some of those pastors will ask Burris to resign, according to the minister, who spoke on condition of anonymity because a meeting with Burris had not yet been scheduled.”

Earlier in the week, the Chicago Tribune was already sounding the call. In an editorial that ran in Wednesday’s issue, the Tribune had this to say about Sen. Burris:

The story gets worse with every telling. Enough. Roland Burris must resign. His protests that he had nothing to hide just don’t square with his obvious attempts to hide something, as evidenced by the evolving truths in three sworn statements to the House impeachment panel.

The Washington Post was also explicit in its recommendation:

Mr. Burris’s story has more twists than the Chicago El, and none of them good. Caught in a swirl of accusations of perjury and calls for his resignation from state Democrats and Republicans alike, Mr. Burris said yesterday, “I welcome the opportunity to go before any and all investigative bodies, including those referred by Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan and the Senate ethics committee to answer any questions they have.” When that opportunity arises, why should anyone believe him?

…this latest revelation makes a mockery of his professions of no quid pro quo. It is a violation of the public trust. The people of Illinois have suffered enough. Mr. Burris should resign.

Goodness, even the Senator’s fellow politician, Dick Durbin, no fan of Burris to begin with, is clearly troubled:

“I am troubled by this and I hope he will call in some advisers he trusts and gets some advice about what to do next,” Durbin said of Burris. “At this point, his future in the Senate seat is in question.”

The handwriting is on the wall, Senator Burris. It’s up to you to read it and act appropriately. You got yourself into this mess. Maybe it’s time to step up and do what’s best for your country (and your party). On the other hand, maybe you should have thought of that before you thrust yourself into the limelight.



3 Responses to The Growing Clamor

  1. Gerry Ashley says:

    Hmmm… let’s see if I get this right: So Burris should step down and let Illinois voters actually have some say in who represents them in the United States Senate? Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

    Oh, I’m all in favor of him stepping down. I’m just laughing at the assumption by some that this would actually lead to an HONEST election that truly represents the desires of the majority of Illinois voters. You know as well as I do that Illinois would wind up with whomever ACORN decides to have win.

    I repeat: Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!! (I gotta laugh to keep from cryin’).

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