Quinn to Burris: “Resign”


Just in from the AP, yet another in the long line of voices calling for Roland Burris to resign his IL Senate seat. Sadly for Burris, this time, it’s the Illinois governor.

Quinn said Friday that his fellow Democrat, Burris, is an honorable man. But he says controversy surrounding Burris’ appointment has cast a shadow over his service in the Senate.

The governor says a new senator should be chosen by special election.

Which, of course, is what they should have done in the first place.

How do the people of Illinois like being considered a laughingstock, I wonder?



One Response to Quinn to Burris: “Resign”

  1. […] an awful lot of clamor ringing in the ears of Sen. Burris. A less-secure person would surely have resigned by now, bowed […]

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