Keep Burris and Reinstate Blago… It Makes Sense!


Speaking as a conservative, I say that we keep Burris, and put Blago back in office, too. I say that we keep them as a reminder of what our government has become. I say that we keep them as a reflection of our selfish, narcissistic, petty, entitled, ignorant selves.

Blago said:

“You guys are in politics. You know what we have to do to go out and run elections”

Hey, at least he spoke the truth.

This is what we get when we can’t even perform simple math and apply common sense: We just spent $787,000,000,000.00 to “create or keep” 3,500,000 jobs. Do the math… That costs $224,857.14 per job creation/stabilization. That’s roughly 20 times the amount commercial America spends… That’s simply crazy, and it’s only the beginning. Duh! But Hey! at least we’re getting a $13 tax break.

The most popular TV program? Something on the Science Channel? No. Nat Geo? No. PBS? No. One of the myriad of news programs? No.  The most popular TV program in America is “American Idol“. How appropriate.

Russia is a power rising… Damn their economy… Full speed ahead! (Charles Krauthammer writes brilliantly about Russia flexing its muscles, and the Obama administration’s flaccid response.)

Our national debt isn’t $11 trillion as the “experts” would tell you… It’s $53 trillion. That’s four times the GDP.

If things don’t change, and change in a big way ASAP, it looks like this country won’t end with a bang or a whimper, but rather with the sound of an ill-conceived, obscene joke… Perhaps the sound of a Blago, Burris, Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Frank, or a mall rat sitting on a whoopee cushion.

So sure… Let’s keep Burris, and reinstate Blagojevich. Given the nature of the world, our politicians, and our culture, it just makes sense.

Alan Speakman


3 Responses to Keep Burris and Reinstate Blago… It Makes Sense!

  1. BillZ says:

    I agree wholeheartedly…I wonder though, is ANYONE listening? The current state of affairs is sickening. I will tell you this though, I have never lived beyond my means and if I didn’t have it in my pocket to spend I didn’t buy it, I have voted conservatively and yes, even shouted at the screen when Bush did something I didn’t like. Essentially I consider myself a Constitutional Conservative and my conscience is clear in this…I am NOT one of “them” by any means.

    I just wrote a piece on my blog yesterday about how (contrary to liberal ideology) Welfare is NOT Charity… It flies in the face of the socialistic leanings we currently have in D.C…but again, is ANYONE listening?

  2. llabesab says:

    Blago or Obama?? It isn’t even a choice. Blago never would have stayed for 20 years listening to Wright!! Blago would never have wedded someone like Michelle!!
    B;ago would never have appointed tax cheats to oversee tax cheats–I guess The Anointed One believes it’s sometimes necessary to set a thief to catch a thief!!
    Blago would never promise “no lobbyists” and then have to evacuate an entire DC Hotel to make room for them!!
    Blago would never appoint Rahm “I’m a midget but be careful of dead fish in the msil” Emanuel!! And Blago and Biden??? Fuggetaboutit!!

  3. Gerry Ashley says:

    Oh, the hell with it: Might as well reinstate Clinton as President and make the point complete. But under NO circumstances should they reinstate Bush. Why? Because his inability to speak intelligently in front of the camera, he winds up being an easy target to lay the blame for all the Liberal’s failed agendas. No sir, let’s bring Clinton back so the last visual the world will have of the dying America is Bill Clinton with his pants down around his ankles, trying to define the word “is” and with Monica at his side… or rather… ah, well you get the idea!

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