Obama Administration: Pack of Lies and Power Grabs

Oh, where to begin? Well, it didn’t take long…

Obama’s pledge to give Americans five days to review bills on the Web first shrank to 48 hours, which then shrank to 10 hours. Yup. If there’s anyone who has read the entire thing, it’s probably the lobbyists who wrote it.

No lobbyists offering undue influence? Not now.

The constitutionally-questionable move by the Executive Branch to oversee the census is nothing short of scary.

Big Obama Gov tax cheats? Naw!

This is ridiculous. Obama and his team make Nixon look like a rookie.

Alan Speakman


3 Responses to Obama Administration: Pack of Lies and Power Grabs

  1. manupmen says:

    You are witnessing the end of the Republican Party. The complete “head in the sand” response of Republicans to the stimulus package will come back to haunt them. When the recover takes place and we remember that Republicans were against it, we will vote them out completely. The next Congress will have a puny Republican minority.

  2. Uncle Al says:

    Actually, the opposite will happen. We will vote out all the Democrats because we will remember the Republicans stayed firm and the Democrats led us down the path to Socialism. Read some history, mate.

  3. GiddyRose says:

    manupmen: Do your government research before you make these assumptions. Castro promised a better life just like Obama is, and look at how Cuba is doing now. The only way America will recover is if the people in America start taking responsibility for their choices. America was at its best when federal government kept its hands out of our lives. Ask your Senator and Congressman if he pays for welfare and unemployment. Ask them if they are paying for this stimulus package. NO!!! The working citizens in America, the working class, the people Obama claims to stand for, they are the ones paying for this. So if you have a job, you just paid for someone else who isn’t working to have your money. I bet if you worked hard enough to make a life for yourself, you wouldn’t be crying for the government to tax the rich.

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