Well, it looks as if President Obama and the leaders of Congress are going to force a vote on this massive stimulus package this afternoon. The final version, complete with hand-written annotations, was released last night at 11pm, leaving an ample reading time of 1.79 pages per minute if you started instantly when it was released, and continued reading without stop until it was scheduled to be brought up for discussion at 9am this morning. No bathroom breaks, no snack breaks, no actual comprehension of what’s being said, no time to make your own annotations. Just read, read, read, then vote, vote, vote! (And that time would probably be better spent cooking up a good pork barbecue sauce…)

Even if Congressional leaders had allowed the promised 48 hours to review the “document’, or even the five-day public review process promised by the President, that would still leave precious little time for either the public or our elected representatives to read, comprehend, question, and re-draft any “discrepancies” before a vote.

So as a sign of protest at this unseemly, and frankly obscene rush to legislate, I have a suggestion for any Congress-people who are uncomfortable voting “YES” but don’t want to alienate their fellow Socialists by voting “NO”. Simply vote “PRESENT”. After all, it’s an honorable tactic used by our president time and time again.



2 Responses to Just Vote PRESENT

  1. Gerry Ashley says:

    Haaa!!! That would be such an appropriate gesture to Obama. Perfect, in fact. Brilliant!

  2. […] give Americans five days to review bills on the Web first shrank to 48 hours, which then shrank to 10 hours. Yup. If there’s anyone who has read the entire thing, it’s probably the lobbyists who […]

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