Will They Never Learn?


Henrietta Hughes and her son Corey are just the latest “victims” postured in front of a salivating press to highlight the current economic crisis/recession/whatever the term du jour is. Except that perhaps they’re not actually victims at all. Michelle Malkin and Dan Reihl are reporting that the destitute and homeless Hughes family has been that way since at least 2004 and possibly longer, which should put to rest the picture of a mother and son traumatically undone by sudden fiscal crisis.

They’re also reporting that the family may not in fact have been as homeless as they claim, as it appears that there are listings of property owned by both mother and son both in the past and currently. Records show that Corey Hughes is the owner of a property in Lehigh Acres, FL. Based on the documentation listed at webofdeception, the property is either 1011 Hibiscus Avenue or 1013 Hibiscus Avenue.

1011 is an empty lot, about half an acre of buildable property flanked on either side by fairly new and nice-looking homes in a rural, un-built area. Here’s what it looks like:


1013 is the parcel right next door, a nice new-looking home, well maintained and clearly occupied, with a swimming pool out back.


Is it possible he owns both properties? And yet mother Henrietta is demanding–and getting!–another nice new home, courtesy of the wife of a state representative.

Which is all a long-winded way of leading up to this: does this situation remind you of anything? People throwing themselves in front of the press because they can’t afford a home; can’t afford healthcare coverage for the kids (remember Graeme Frost?); still can’t afford healthcare coverage for the kids (remember the Wilkersons?)…

At some point, you might think that liberals in general, and liberal politicians in particular would learn from past mistakes. But they just can’t seem to resist trotting out one poor schmuck after another in order to personalize and/or distract from one poorly-conceived policy after another that they want to foist on the public without too much inquiry.

Note to the Dems: you’re not fooling anyone. Except perhaps yourselves.



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