Satellites Collide

A Russian satellite and an American satellite collided Tuesday scattering hundreds if not thousands of pieces of debris willy nilly. The upshot is that this doesn’t look like a disaster, at least, not right now..

But these are the things that give engineers such as myself fits concerning technology, non-destructive and otherwise…It’s the goofy stuff that may get us…

  • On Jan 25, 1995, a miscommunication between Norway and Russia triggered Russia’s early warning radar system. Not good.
  • Astronaut Lisa Nowak turned out to have had some pretty serious mental issues. She’s not exactly who we want in a space shuttle.
  • And there are little issues like Chernobyl, the Kursk, N. Korea, Iran, and China

Oh, there will be another mushroom cloud, but IMHO, it won’t come to pass because of direct anger. It probably will just be a screw up, just like two satellites colliding in space.

Uh oh…

Alan Speakman


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