Spending Bill: $2 For Every Tree On Earth


All right, I’ll be foolishly conservative… Let’s say we end up talking about $800 billion in the “Spending Bill“. (Don’t even think about the second half ($350 bn) of the TARP… Ummm… FST… Ummm… Just forget about that. Just focus on the new “Spending Bill” – approx. $800 billion.)

But what does that number mean? Well, according to NPR, there are roughly 400 billion trees here on good old terra firma. Yup, we might as well slap a couple of  Washingtons on every single tree on earth. At least that project would generate actual jobs.

Alan Speakman


One Response to Spending Bill: $2 For Every Tree On Earth

  1. Gerry Ashley says:

    The difference in spending $2 on a tree and $2 on the pork-infested projects represented by the stimul… uh, make that the “Pissing-away-our-grandchildren’s futures” bill is that a tree, if nurtured by nature, will grow, provide itself as a resource while leaving behind a large number of seedlings to advance us in the future. Sort of a “Tree-pluribus unum” if you will.

    Unfortunately the package Congress is about to drop on us will do little right away, and will leave literally nothing but an abundance of debt in our future. Sort of a “E Plurisy debtum”

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