The Presser, Althouse Style

UPDATE: Aha! I’m not the only one who appreciates Ms. Althouse and her readers! 


President Obama’s prime time press conference last night was a farce in more ways that one. I was going to write about it this morning but then noticed that Ann Althouse not only live-blogged it, but she and her readers said everything I thought of —  and a lot more besides — at least as well as I would have. Go read the whole post and all the comments. It’s well worth your time.

Best line from Ms. Althouse:

8:00: He ends exactly on the button. We hear a stomp as he steps off the podium, and his walk back into the White House is noticeably different from Bush’s. How can I describe the different feeling I get from that walk? You can object to this if you want. It’s just my feeling. I think Bush would walk away in a ritual fashion that said: I am the President and I have accomplished what the President must do. Obama’s walk said: I’m a man who has this job and now I’ve done it and I’m out of here.

Best lines from her commenters:

Simon said… Someone should ask: “President Obama, who the hell do you think you are that you’re so important as to displace House?”

Leland said…  Oh look, Discovery Channel is showing “Destroyed in Seconds”. What did you say you were watching?

Darcy said… Oh…that beagle is so cute! (Sorry…checking out the dog show…)

joewxman said… He keeps reminding republicans that he won. Maybe he needs to remind himself..stop campaigning already. ugh!

sg said… PBO isn’t worried about pre-empting House.But he does know that if goes past 9PM EST, Jack Bauer will come out and threaten to gouge his eye out with a ballpoint pen if he doesn’t stop talking.

Simon said… “Men and women who call this nation ‘home’ !! WTF???
It’s a locution designed to include illegal immigants in the sweep of the remark.

Deborah said… He just said Tim Geitner with a straight face. I get the feeling he’s really struggling NOT to “uh” too much. No Southern accent, either. Whoops, he’s slipping.

Leland said… “Everyone needs to be possessed with a sense of urgency.”  Said by a man that takes 3 minutes to answer one question. Can we take 3 days to look at the Senate Bill?

Simon said… Oh my Lord what a tool! He just whined about a schoolhouse that was built in the 19th century that is still in use today. You live in a house built in the 18th century, you dipshit! In your last job – when you actually showed up – you were working in a section constructed in the 1860s! That a building is old doesn’t say a damn thing about its soundness.

Deb said… We are in deep, deep sh*t. He has no idea what he’s talking about. What *is* he talking about. He just said “no such thing as a free lunch” with a straight face. I can’t believe how bad this is.

al said… Chuck Schumer is an expert? hahahahahaha

Oh, just go read the whole thread!

An invitation to Ms. Althouse and her readers: you are welcome here any time!



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  1. Sissy Willis says:

    Thanks for the nice link. Fun stuff!

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