Take the Money and Run

It is what it is. There is an economic disaster heading this way. I’m still guessing it’s about two years off, but maybe it’s right around the corner.

There are times when it seems that this sudden rush to pork (Charles Krauthammer nailed this issue) has more method than madness. Could it be that all the folks in Washington see this tsunami coming, and that the libs are trying to snork as much money as possible? Oh, the GOP-ites will for the most part stand their ground and try to save the Republic. But as for the donkeys…

Back up… We all know Bush’s TARP I was a black-hole failure. And Son of TARP will probably be a ditto.

Am I the only one who gets the feeling that this whole new Pelosi/Reid “Stimulus Bill” is just a last desperate cash grab before the house comes a-tumbling down?

Bottom line? No matter how you slice it, this ain’t gonna be pretty. Under the best of circumstances, we’re going to blow $300,000 per new or “saved” job.

Watch carefully. America is about to learn how to “soooeeee” a huge herd of jackasses; and God only knows what happens after the stampede.

Alan Speakman


One Response to Take the Money and Run

  1. Alan says:

    300K per new or “saved” job. I wonder why there was not much debate on the effectiveness of the stimulus package itself. Instead of discussing whether one is for or against the package, perhaps it would be better to analyze whether it works or not.

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