USS Cole: Untold Story of Military Defiance and Way Beyond

This is not a good story… Barack Obama is under siege from virtually every quarter. Let’s start at the beginning…

In the military, disobeying an order is a big deal… Disobeying an order from the Commander In Chief is almost unimaginable. From MSNBC:

In his Jan. 22 order, Obama promised to shut down the Guantanamo prison within a year. The order also froze all Guantanamo detainee legal cases pending a three-month review as the Obama administration decides where — or whether — to prosecute the suspects who have been held there for years, most without charges.

Two military judges granted Obama’s request for a delay in other cases.

But a third military judge, Army Col. James Pohl, defied Obama’s order by scheduling a Feb. 9 arraignment for al-Nashiri at Guantanamo. That left the decision on whether to continue to Crawford, whose delay on announcing what she would do prompted widespread concern at the Pentagon that she would refuse to follow orders and allow the court process to continue.

That bit about Col. Pohl is huge… Officers do not disobey orders from superiors, let alone the POTUS. (There are, by the way, methods by which a military member may refuse to execute an order when that order seems immoral or just flat out nuts. But defying an order is as grave as grave can get.)

Perhaps the larger concern here is the big picture of overall confusion in American government and the “in your face” challenges that President Obama faces both on the domestic and global fronts. Consider:

Nope… There are plenty of hassles ahead of Mr. Obama… and the absolute last thing he needs is a colonel in his own army defying his orders.

Alan Speakman


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