“Jesus Time” and the Tentative “Economic Stimulus”

I hope the news is wrong concerning the “Stimulus package“, but I don’t have a good feeling.Just how big is this spending bill? (At least Glowbama came out and admitted that much…)

Well, if the Senate bill actually passes (and it probably will), we’re going to have to measure its size in “Jesus Time”… That is, on a time scale of roughly 2,000 years.

Imagine if we could jump in a time machine and travel back to the time of Jesus roughly 2,000 years ago… And for every second that passed, we plunked a dollar down. Second by second, dollar by dollar… And imagine doing that for 2,000 years non-stop. Surely that’s more than enough to measure up to this big pile of crap, no?

Well, here’s the math:

  • 2000 years * 365 days/year * 24 hours/day * 60 minutes/hour * 60 seconds/minute = $63,072,000,000.00 (Please let me have gotten the numbers wrong!) [You didn’t. -Ed.]

A measly 63 billion bucks… That’s probably 10% less than the amount of pork that will waddle inside this bill. Way less.

No, we’d have to go back and start handing out $10 smackers every second on our “2,000-year Jesus Scale” to put the entire boondoggle into perspective, and even then we’d fall short of the initial $800 billion spending bill..

Here’s the short and sour… On first glance, our country is $10 trillion in the dumper. Add to that another $43 trillion in Social Security etc., and we’re $53 trillion in the red. Given a GDP of $13 trillion, we are circling the drain. Even China is getting wary of loaning to us, and about all we can do is print money. Gee… I wonder if that will lead to inflation down the road? Add to that the silence on this issue from Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, and now Glowbama…

And there, well… There you go.

My guess is that even “Jesus Time” runs out at some point.

Alan Speakman

PS: Gateway Pundit reports on a different, but no less horrifying, way to measure “Jesus time”.


4 Responses to “Jesus Time” and the Tentative “Economic Stimulus”

  1. Tom Awtry says:

    In the early 80’s I read an article claiming “if California broke away from the United States, it would be the 6th richest country in the world.” Times have sure changed, now the “Golden State” is on the ropes and could be counted out in regards to a $42 billion dollar deficit.

    If you wanted to renew your Driver’s License or either change or receive your Registration last Friday, at the Department of Motor Vehicles, you were out of luck – state wide. Many other California governmental offices were also closed, which in turn, forced the closure of many businesses across the state too.

    Governor Schwarzenegger ordered furloughs for some 200,000 state government workers to help save money as he and lawmakers try to find a way to close California’s $42 billion budget deficit.

  2. Stimulus Package…

    Washington insider leaks what tax payers will receive from Obama\’s stimulus package!…

  3. Lass says:

    Regarding stimulus packages and the economy, where do you get the best grocery deasl

  4. […] Stimulus package rammed down our throats while we were sleeping and while Obamanauts were still celebrating […]

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