Godzilla Emerges From TN Disaster!


Yup, there he is – Godzilla, the product of a mind numbing one billion gallon coal ash pond dam collapse. To get a better sense of the disaster, check out this ABC piece.

“The irony is that the sludge that soiled this area was part of an effort to make burning coal more environmentally friendly.”

Obviously, we joke about Godzilla, but not by much. We’re talking stuff like:

  • 2.5 million pounds of barium
  • 3,400 pounds of arsenic
  • 80 pounds of mercury
  • Tons of other happy metals like lead, manganese, and thallium

You know what? If the choice was between Godzilla and who knows what disease, I might even opt for Godzilla.

Alan Speakman

P.S. And the people on Cape Cod whine about a wind farm. Deep sigh…

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