Barack the Magic Negro?!?

You know… There are times when being a conservative just hurts. No. Seriously… I mean it just aches…

Barack the Magic Negro???

How about “McCain the Magic Whitey?” or “Palin the Magic XO XO?” (And you can fill in the “XO XO”.)

Seriously… Seriously… Seriously! How on Gawd’s Green Earth are we as a conservative movement going to move forward when we have blisteringly raging idiots like Chip Saltsman and Rush (played it on his show in early 2007) distributing this crap (originally penned by Shanklin)? And who can forget that Saltsman is running for the chair of the RNC?

Here’s the deal… Long ago, politics simply became a fun game… A sort of dumbed-down  game of “Chicken” if you will… Nixon probably started it, (“I am not a crook”); Clinton certainly held his own with Monica; Blago is no slouch; and now a leading Republican player distributes “Barack the Magic Negro”…

I say we sack the whole lot of them and start over.

Alan Speakman


3 Responses to Barack the Magic Negro?!?

  1. Raydog says:

    The parody was created in response to the article in the LA Times:,0,5335087.story

  2. rightrush says:

    Since when can we no longer parody the left?

    They’re free to call for murdering our President and we can’t take a humorous shot at one of their own newspapers ?

    I would agree that Mr. Saltsman should not have distributed the song — it definitely shows he’s not ready for primetime. But Rush? An entertainer?

    Get a grip.

  3. […] done it again. Unlike the heavy-handed and politically tone-deaf distribution of the “Magic Negro” parody, JibJab comes through with a 2008 Year in Review video that manages to be funny, […]

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