CNN Reports: Here Be Hostages!


That’s what happened to one couple in Mumbai. Hiding under a table at the Taj Hotel, Lynne and Kenneth Shaw of Wales begged the CNN reporters to be very cautious about what was broadcast. They believed that the terrorists were watching CNN as it was broadcast over the hotel’s English language channel. And it seems the Shaws were correct. Safe at home after a harrowing experience, Mrs. Shaw said:

“The terrorists were watching CNN and they came down from where they were in a lift after hearing about us on television. For that reason I would appeal to the media to be very careful about what they broadcast.”

Clearly, the bright boys and girls at CNN disregarded the Shaws’ plea, perhaps figuring face-time and logo time outweighed the potential of further endangering those already in peril.

 But CNN has no reason to worry. They’re just keeping alive the flickering mainstream media flame, that long tradition of press reports that end up informing terrorists about things better off kept secret. Remember the Treasury Department’s Terror Tracking Finance Program? Sure you do. The New York Times reported on it back in 2006. It was top secret before then, but the Times decided that everyone needed to know about it, including of course, the very terrorists who were being monitored. So much for that successful anti-terrorist tool.

What about that NSA program that monitored terrorists’ international communications? Yep, we heard about that, too, again courtesy of the New York Times. As a result, terrorists now favor untraceable disposable cell phones.

And then there was the CIA’s agreement with our allies in the war on terror to detain high-level Al Qaeda operatives? Reported by our good friends at the Washington Post and Time Magazine.

So CNN is certainly in “good” company when it endangers innocent civilians in its reporting. After all, these days, if it weren’t for terrorists, who’d be paying any attention to the mainstream media at all?

H/T Gateway Pundit, Michelle Malkin


2 Responses to CNN Reports: Here Be Hostages!

  1. Gerry Ashley says:

    Sterling article, Stoutcat! And you are, once again, right on the money. The term “Responsible Journalism” has become an oxymoron in America. Perhaps it’s been that way for years, but it’s being rubbed in our faces daily.

    Stepping outside this latest example for a moment and looking at the broad picture, I think it’s every American’s responsibility to consider just what the dangers are when the media is allowed to present itself as legitimate when it’s doing nothing but asserting its own agenda. But we have become (for the most part) too lazy to make that effort. If there is a formula for throwing away freedom and democracy, surely this is an integral part of that formula.

    With a biased media, it is possible for

    1.) Wholesale slaughter of people in a country that is deemed un-newsworthy. Anyone remember reading the details of what happened in Rwanada? Not in the mainstream media you didn’t. That is, until activists spread the news themselves.

    2.) Government abuse, waste and folly can go unchecked, especially if you are a liberal. How many of you read the warning signs of the Fannie-Mae & Freddie Mac fiasco in the mainstream, liberal media? Few if any. How many learned from the Mainstream media that it was John McCain who tried to invoke more control and oversight of the program YEARS ago when it might have helped avert this multi-trillion dollar bail-out? My guess is probably no one. The liberal media is quite adept at sweepong the failings of liberal politicians under the carpet.

    3.) Why, you could possibly even have a person elected President who has NO track record of accomplishment in politics other than winning elections and making great speeches. Oh wait. That’s been done already.

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out on which side of the political spectrum the media is firmly entrenched.

    And now, the Mumbai attacks. Clearly this was an event that was unfolding over time. Anyone who thought the hostage takers would NOT be watching to see what CNN was reporting is naive, politically and otherwise. So for CNN to barge ahead, thinking “Exlusive!” is, in my opinion, esentially providing aid to the terrorists/captors and should prosecuted as such. It won’t happen, of course.

    However, the one way we can ALL take action in letting CNN know they are out of line is to STOP WATCHING THEM. But before you do that, please jot down on a piece of paper the name of every major sponsor you see advertising on CNN. Write a letter to the Advertising, Marketing and Corporate offices of each company and let them know that not only will you no longer watch CNN, but you will also make it a point to no longer buy ANY products manufactured by companies who advertise on CNN. It CAN work because I have been involved in similar boycotts where it HAS worked.

    We CAN and MUST become active in letting the media AND the government what we will and will NOT accept. If we don’t, they assume (correctly) that it’s ok to continue serving themselves FIRST. In doing so, they make a mockery of the 1st Amendment. And if that doesn’t scare the hell out of you, you’re simply not paying attention, brain-dead or part of the problem.

  2. Check out the ’51 film “Ace in the Hole”… Say no more…

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