Obama Will Get What Obama Wants

On Oct 15th, I wrote the following about Barack Obama…

He’s just a new old-school Chicago politician. Sure he has associated with Ayers and Wright, but he’s obviously not a terrorist or a racist. He’s simply too bright. But O is tough…

Read that, “The ‘Loony Left’ and the “Hard Right” are both going to be surprised by the President elect. Consider the following:

  • His chosen economic team is by all accounts fairly centrist.
  • He’s keeping Gates as Secretary of Defense.
  • You know those tax cuts for the wealthy? Well Obama might just keep those and let them expire after all.
  • 2.5 million jobs… Create? Or “Create or save…”
  • And then there’s his change in his stance on the war in Iraq.

And so it goes…

Now compare all of the above with the various reasons why he shouldn’t be president. The contrast is stunning and stark, and the lesson is very clear – Mr. Obama will do what needs to be done, say what needs to be said, and associate with whoever to get his way. (George Packer wrote a fantastically true sentence that touched on this in the New Yorker when he wrote,

“Obama, whatever the idealistic yearnings of his admirers, has turned out to be a cold-eyed, shrewd politician.”)

No, Obama isn’t going to fit a preconceived mold, no matter how attractively that mold was cast. And he also isn’t going to look into anyone’s eye and “get a sense of his soul”. The only thing Obama is going to get is exactly what he wants.

The big question is, “What exactly does the President-elect really want?”

Alan Speakman



3 Responses to Obama Will Get What Obama Wants

  1. Gerry Ashley says:

    I’ve been asking myself the same question for the past couple of weeks. Consider:

    1.) He knows he is making history merely by becoming the first black President. OK, he’s only half-black, but he’s played the race card practically from the get-go (“They’re gonna tell you… ‘Oh, by the way, did I mention he’s black?'”). That might be history making enough for most people, but not for someone as driven as Obama, I think he already sees his place in history as the man who fundamentally changed how America does just about everything so that we can never go back to the perceived America that the Reverand Wright claims we are. Toward that end, I’d be wary of President Obama. And just hope he doesn’t create an environment where he can suspend the Constitution and thereby do away with little things like Free Speech, Private Gun Ownership and Term Limits for a President.

    2.) Or, he could see this as an opportunity to do great things for our nation and literally bring us back to a nation that IS involved. If he follows number 1 above, he will definitely accomplish that, but most likely split along racial and ethnic lines. In this case, however, if he surrounds himself with effective leaders that can help navigate our way through the morass that is currently the gift of a two party system rub amok, he truly COULD accomplish great things and go down in history as a great leader.

    This would be the wisest choice for him because it would show all of America (and, indeed, all the world) that all a black man needed was the opportunity to rise to this level to prove that he too can be a great leader and thus inspire ALL African Americans that, “Yes, YOU CAN.”

    That would be the wisest choice of all, for it not only serves America, but it provides the best inspiration (the opportunity has been there for years) for African Americans.

    I would hope for this second choice as his intent and agenda. Somehow, however, the term “Snowball’s chance in hell” comes to mind.

    Make no mistake: Obama has the leadership qualities to pull it off. But he also has the ego that rivals any I can recall, including the Clintons. The question, as you put it, all boils down to, “What does he really want to be his legacy?”

    What a shame that, in the two years he campaigned for the Presidency, not one major mainstream media outlet chose to pose that question to him. Now they, like us, will have to wait and see. Not much of a way to begin what some are trying to define as “The New Camalot.” If we’re not careful, we might up with more of a “Used Camel Lot.”

    But he IS the President and he deserves the same chance any previous POTUS has had to establish his administration. And while I’m getting weary of people like Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh constantly criticizing Obama in advance, perhaps it will be their caveats that will cause enough of us “civilians” to watch closely for any tell-tale signs of an Obama agenda that takes America in the wrong direction.

    Only time will tell. And that time is only about 7 weeks away.

    In God, We Trust. Obama will have to PROVE his value.

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