Knollenberg Claims Tax Money Is Not Citizens’ Money

Yesterday Neil Cavuto was interviewing Congressman Joe Knollenberg (R – MI). Cavuto was pressing Joe hard on why we needed a “Big Three” auto bailout. At one point, Cavuto started to push the issue that if we use tax dollars to bail out big auto, then who’s next. Here’s what followed:

Cavuto: “Where do we draw the line with our money?

Knollenberg: “It is not your money.”

You can watch the entire embarrassing interview here. (Better yet, don’t watch the interview… It is simply too painful.)

There are times when the arrogance of politicians is simply stunning. (Bill Clinton’s questioning the definition of “is” is a great example.) And just when you thought that those stubristic, bloated, power-grubbing, rich, selfish, elitist, sniveling, condescending, back-slapping, back-stabbing, flip-flopping, conniving, slimy, raging idiots could blunder no farther, we have Knollenberg. So tax dollars ain’t our money Joe? And your little campaign is nothing more than a ploy to keep “UAW” (the Almighty God of Michigan) happy? Whatever!

Never before have so selfish few done so much to the detriment of so many. (Apologies to The Right Honourable Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill.)

H/T Michelle Malkin, Hot Air

Alan Speakman


7 Responses to Knollenberg Claims Tax Money Is Not Citizens’ Money

  1. mari says:

    I called Joe Knollenberg’s office to say I found his statement offensive and the man who answered hung up on me. Then I called back and said I wanted to make a comment as an American citizen…..this time a lady had answered. She also hung up on me.

    Vote this guy out. His staff sucks too.

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